Epistle Miraelya 30. 09. 2012

BALANCE materially and spiritually.

"At the moment now we'll talk about the multidimensional integration (association) of the material and the spiritual.

What is often meant by spirituality? Religious or ideological beliefs, the search itself, a practice of meditation and more similar.

What do you think most financially? Everything around you in monetary and substantively equivalent.

Favorite Friends, material and spiritual — are one. Level of material and spiritual identity as a function of vibration and is present in a particular dimension. "

I will explain this statement a bit:

All the material and spiritual worlds are created from the energy

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Channeling. Kryon. What to do when leaving the «dark»

Hello, my dear! I welcome all Lightworkers. I — Kryon, and today we will talk about the current situation in the evolution of the Earth.

A new era in the life of the planet, human society was marked by a number of major events. Among them — the entry into the New Reality Corridor, the creation of the new Planet of the crystal lattice of a new magnetic field, the advent of Holy Fire, the arrival of the new energies from the Galactic and Universal Central Sun. Significantly increased the planetary vibration, including — the vibration of your

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Channeling of 02. 10. 2012 Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

Message from the Beloved Jesus!

I AM Jesus! Hello, our beloved people of Earth! I AM come to you again after this Messenger, a part of my soul. How do I double joy for her to come. A lot of positive comments on my lips now. I'll save them for her personally. (BlagoDaryu!) Today we will talk with you about our beloved closest events. You meet a new world. Quite soon everyone will see for themselves firsthand confirmation of our words. I will not repeat themselves again on the events of global scale. Briefly tell about your attitude

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Channeling. SaLuSa 1 October 2012.

You step back in one month and, looking back, you can see how fast time flies. During this period, you, as Lightworkers, have done so much work to raise levels of consciousness, which is a general awakening. This is a great achievement against the Illuminati attempts to distract you and to spread fear. You do not see the mass arrests, as expected, but nevertheless, all the changes mentioned earlier, are on track. Delays have demonstrated how much you have learned, keeping his attention on more important things related to your own evolution. There is no ego to think of themselves,

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Message to the teachers of Shambhala 29. 09. 12

Message from Babaji.

Our communication with you through these energy flows useful, you are, and we try from time to time to provide you with such energy that would help you at this current time. However, the message also have another layer of perception, if you will re-read them, and in this case they will give you the energy and will be relevant to your life and will have its effect on your development and support.

So when we do not give a new message, you benefited from a re-read those once read before. Such an effect is any energy

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Space News, September 17-23

Released a report on the 10 steps of the ladder of the Gods of the Universe on the work done to prepare for the Rapture of the world, as well as two additional 3D worlds for an early settlement of:

"The speed and scale of the ascension process Capitals of the World (our inhabited world), and hence the Earth increases, native! Multidimensional set of processes deployed merge with heaven (the spiritual world), very close to a dense 3D world of matter (the world in which we live .) For all multi-variant eventfulness Freedom of Choice in Human remains unchanged promotion

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Akashic Records for October 2012

What kind of energy, and what kind of experience you can expect in the months of October, 2012?

The energy of this month is directed in a spiral. There is a feeling that everything is changing itself. Maybe in a month you will feel that the situation is getting more tense. There are two ways that you can go to this month. One: you can try to make sense of what is happening, but you Pound himself into a corner. Second, try to look at things in a new way for the entire month, and maybe it will turn you

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Message from SaLuSa from Sirius on September 28, 2012

Life begins to merge with a lot of energy, and of course, the strongest are the ones where people express intention — to ascend or not. What you see is the result of the mass consciousness, creating according to your desires.

Ascension itself is going to make changes, set the Divine law is universal proportions and chief executive powers. This way, you create your own event, and Ascension will be your final chord, as you leave the cycle of duality to a place in the New Age.

Events may vary according to your speed and level

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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light on September 24,

"Original Master Plan of the Golden Age, the most significant reforms will come at the same time regardless of any future changes, disclosure, free will, limits vneplanetnyh light beings, the vision of the Earth Gaia, violence in North Africa and the Middle East, record wife of Jesus, the health of the fourth-density redistribution wealth, the ascension of the Earth in the fifth density (we can assume this is a very brief summary of the Message)

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. View from our point of view is similar to the global storm

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The flow of 28. 09. 2012 — Cycle: The Forces of Light

Message from Lord GodfreySeptember 28, 2012

Today I AM come to you again. Glad our communion. Today I would like to give his instruction to all of you that your life is especially important at the present time — your mood positive emotions, the energy of light and love.

What would you no events occurred that would be with you no matter what happens, always be in my heart for peace and understanding that all you have served, all used for your benefit and for your spiritual development. Any sad circumstances and trials have you to purchase Essential assembly elements

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