Near Lviv Chupacabra killing rabbits

Lviv oblast appeared unknown creature, which looks like a giant dog. It massively destroys rabbits … terrified peasants form self-defense units.

Recently in Pidhirtsi wary to go out after dark. People believe — every night like creature giant dog wandering around the village, looking for victims.

While only a monster hunts rabbits. Since Easter is visited by a dozen houses and destroyed more than a hundred animals. Anna — the only one of the victims dared to leave the house when she heard a noise in the yard.

Anna Panas, the injured, "Where is the cell, where I

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Huge creature with demonic eyes

In the British city of Tunbridge Wells, one of the locals faced ape-like creature, moved on two legs. An eyewitness said the bearded animal fur was about three feet tall.

A man who lives in a town in Kent, returned home through the woods when they heard strange sounds: the crackling twigs and someone's noisy wheezing.

He turned and met the gaze of a huge creature, literally mesmerized passers-by.

"I saw a huge beast, standing on its hind legs, three weeks ago, at the edge of the forest. He was taller than 8 feet (2.5 meters), and

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Megalodon shark is not extinct

In 1954, the Australian ship "Rachel Cohen" embarked on a major overhaul of the docks in Adelaide. Repair began with "spring-cleaning". Undertook to clean the bottom of the ship from the shells, and found 17 large teeth stuck in the skin. Each — size 8 to 10 cm

During the history of the Earth these teeth could boast only one "fish" — Megalodon. One problem: she died 1.5 million years ago. Or not?

On the face of the terrible, same inside

26.5 million years of giant bloodthirsty shark, known as Megalodon (Carcharodon megalodon), prevailed in the world's

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At the bottom of the Mariana Trench live monster

Mariana Trench in the western Pacific is the deepest trench of any known on Earth — about 11,000 kilometers below sea level. It stretches for a thousand miles along the Mariana Islands. Perhaps there inhabited by representatives of extinct species in the world. No wonder this place is also called the womb of Gaia.

The basin was opened in 1875 by the crew of the British three-masted corvette "Challenger". Then with a deep lot was first measured its depth — 8367 m. In 1951, in the Mariana Trench area departed British research vessel, also called the "Challenger". At this

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Started up in Zhytomyr chupacabra-estetka: monster rabbit carcass lays on growth and coloring

Malin city at night freezes in fear.

Malin city in the Zhytomyr region terrorized chupacabra. According to witnesses, a monster, which has long been scoured nearby village, now moved to its very center.

Most recently Chupacabra snuck into the yard of a private house, and spread out there with 30 rabbits. The beast has sucked the blood of the animals, their carcasses laid on growth and color.

— Chupacabra slipped into my cousin's barn and made it real massacre. Handled the beast at night and scared the bustling streets and roads — eyewitness Igor Skryshevsky "KP".

In addition,

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In the village of Krasny Luch do not know who can kill animals

In the village of Krasny Luch Vladimir region, about 15 kilometers from Orekhovo-summer of this year were to happen, more like the plot of a horror movie.

People living here all my life engaged in farming and herding, subsistence farming — this is their daily bread. Residents not so much all know each other very well, others not frequented here. And the surrounding forest, it seemed, was studied through and through. Secure courtyard dogs are rare, but in almost every house chickens, rabbits, goats and cows.

The first warning bell rang in the early summer, when the

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American Nessie

American called Nessie monster, which for several centuries from time to time appears on the surface of Lake Champlain. Hundreds of people saw old Shampa (so lovingly nicknamed monster locals), which allows seriously talk about the possible existence in this body of water most of this, miraculously surviving dinosaur.

Champlain — a very deep, picturesque lake, which stretches nearly 190 miles from north to south between the states of Vermont and New York (USA) and reaches the Canadian province of Quebec. Perhaps in the cold depths of this beautiful lake is still a mysterious shadow glides a real plesiosaur,

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Chupacabra opened rabbit Privolzhsk

As a resident of the Ivanovo region PRIVOLZHSKY overnight lost all livestock rabbits.

Animal cells were unopened, they themselves were strangled. In the mass deaths of rabbits Mikhail Orlov, owner monastery, blames a mysterious creature known as the chupacabra. Supposedly dead animals have no visible damage, but predator suck their blood (a Chupacabra on a legend, as you know, a vampire).

Investigate the death of a group of rabbits left Ivanovo branch organization "Kosmopoisk." They found — hacking was, and this is not the work of man. And tracks around the country.

— If this

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Unknown beast maim sheep in Bashkortostan

In the village of the district showed up Saygafarovo Baimak unknown creature. So say the locals, the cattle have been affected by the attacks.

Saygafarovo village in the area Baimak literally stands on the ears. Fear leads an unknown animal. Attacks occur every night. What exactly is going on in the barn after dark, no one knows, but on the morning show hosts mutilated sheep and goats.

Over the last month is already the fifth night attack on pets. Particularly impressionable villagers night guest called Chupacabra. It is a mystical creature in different countries pointing fingers at the death

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What is the Chupacabra?

Chupacabra or goat vampire — a phenomenon that appeared in mid-1995 in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Something strange is killing all the cattle in and around the town of Canovanas (Canovanas), drinking all their blood. When the bodies were discovered, blood was sucked through one or two small wounds-hole (as needle stick). "Lesions usually a diameter of about a straw and three to four inches long" — said a local veterinarian who inspected several corpses of victims. Death were mysterious, and in September 1995 began a real panic.

Housewife saw Chupacabra attack and described the beast as

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