Crop Circles

The first crop circles have been seen in 1972, when the two witness, Arthur Shattlvud and Bruce Bond, sat on the side of a hill hoping to see that mysterious unidentified flying object, make this area a mecca for UFO England. But the fact that they saw this moonlit night was somewhat more extraordinary: a hundred feet they saw as part of a fan-like ears were killed, forming a perfect circle. C that moment came about eighty reports of exactly the same incidents. The appearance of the circle takes about twenty seconds, and is often accompanied by a creaking sound,

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Crop Circles 30. 08. 2012

Drawing on the field in England, Wiltshire 30/08/2012

Category: Crop Circles

Crop circles in England on August 20 2012

Category: Crop Circles

The most mysterious phenomenon

The most mysterious phenomenon in the history of mankind, or a clever hoax? Tricks of pranksters or consequences unexplored atmospheric phenomena? These drawings are in the surface of the planet, amaze us with its size, variety of forms, intricate symbols and strange side effects on the environment, but most of all — mysterious origin. They are observed in all parts of the world since the last decades of the twentieth century, but no eyewitness, no research results is not enough to determine the nature of this phenomenon.

Some hoaxer, even claimed that the circles of their creation, some communities

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Drawing on the field in England. Herefordshire. 15 August 2012.

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Crop circles in England on August 14 2012.

Oksfordshir.Angliya 14.08.2012g

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Crop circles in California. 13. 08. 2012

California Crop Circles (13. 08. 2012) is very similar to the ancient rock drawings izobrazheniemya cross — Stars (Typhon). The second object, possibly Neptune (the fourth planet outside of the group) and his companions, next to which is found an unusual object in the sky in the infrared e. waves — a telescope Wise.

Snapshot telescope Wise. Unusual object beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Cross — a star next to the Sun. Tore Muerto.

Cross — the star and its four largest satellites. Rock painting. USA.

Drawing on the

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Crop circles England. Wiltshire, 12 August 2012

Angliya.Uiltshir.Risunki crop August 12 2012.

Category: Crop Circles

Crop circles in Germany. Bavaria 29 July 2012.

Category: Crop Circles

Crop circles England August 9 2012



Category: Crop Circles

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