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Crop circles England. Wiltshire. 5 August 2012

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Crop circles in Austria July 12-2012

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Crop circles Poland 29 July 2012.

Poland 29 July 2012.

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What is the meaning of crop circles?

Interview magazine, "Echo of the Planet" with the British researcher, founder of the world's largest centers for the study of crop circles Lucy Pringle.

— Lucy, how long have you been doing research patterns in the fields and what prompted you to do this?

— In general, I explore this amazing anomaly over 20 years. Seriously, I was fascinated by this unusual theme after the first time she's seen such a strange "picture" of the flattened ears. It is one thing — to judge about this phenomenon from the photos and stories of someone else and quite another — to

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England. Wiltshire. 02. 08. 2012


Category: Crop Circles

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