Linguistics. Deep roots

From the XVIII century, linguists have been paying great attention to the search for the most ancient, primordial proto-language, which was the germ, and then root that nourishes all developed and developing world languages.

In the XIX century, a heated, never stopped to this day debate on the question of the very possibility of such a language. The main argument of the opponents of this hypothesis is that the ancestors of human remains have been found (and perhaps still to be found) in areas so remote from one another, that about any language community or further close

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Russian people are in search of historical truth

The question of the origin of the Russian people and Slavic peoples is one of the cornerstones in the history of Europe and Russia. Another chronicler Nestor in "The Tale of Bygone Years" raised the question: "Where have gone the Russian land? '. And the answer is quite right: the countdown Russian history from the mythical Japheth, Iapetus, and then after a long period of time has placed Russia on the banks of the river Danube in Noricum. And only then brought to Russia to Dnipro River and Lake Ilmen familiar from school course — Kiev-Novgorod Russia. Thus, even in

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Information war against Russia

The war is

War is coming. Take a look, and look around. Is that the blind will see, but he will feel the stench stench. Man unleashed against the real, cruel and bezkompromisnaya war. War Information, seemingly invisible, visible war — physical.

Thousands of people are dying in the first place, as a dying man and then destroying the body and vymiraya physically! Fall into this war, worse than on the field of battle, throwing a grenade under the tank. For dying for their country, you elevate the soul and you will

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Silver deposits of Russian opportunists …

Since then, both were at the end of last year, rare, yet timid, flashes of national consciousness, my heart — a lump of pain, and the soul is eager for action. It is a sign, sign, sign! Russ returned to the ancient concept of honor. Returns ancient, holy faith in human dignity in direct opposition of the authorities. Ready to return to the ancient technology, soon this will be possible to speak openly. Returns to the world of Sacred Russ!


The historical roots

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The Dark Side of the Bible

(Cruelty, violence and totalitarianism in the Bible and biblical religions) "I do not like this God — it is a wicked!" The reaction of her five years in the animation based on the Bible. "First of all I learned from the Jesuits. However, as far as I know, and Lenin did the same. The world has not created anything more magnificent than the hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church. Much I just moved from there to the structure of the Nazi party … The Catholic Church may be a model, primarily because of its unusually wise tactics and his knowledge

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The origin of the Slavs

Pay attention to the combination of repetitive sounds "days" in the names of the main rivers of the northern Black Sea region: Don, Donets, Dnieper, Dniester, Danube. Scientists have recently found these names formed from one concept belonging to ancient people who lived in these places from time immemorial. These were the ancestors of the Aryans, that is Indo-European, whose ancestral home is localized science in the Volga region and the Black Sea steppes.

"Ethnonym arias — says researcher Ya.V.Chesnov in the collection" Ethnographers tell ", issued by the Institute of Ethnography. NN Miklukho-Maclay (New York, 1978, p

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Iudohristianskaya plague

Bright Witches — Beregin burned crusaders dedicated.

The first "miracle" of Jesus And the world will lead the baptized At each station inn Pushkin


Only the blind now sees a direct relationship between the increasing number of construction (at taxpayer expense!) Churches and the increase in alcoholism, drug addiction, corruption, poverty and death. Criminal Yeltsin regime, on the orders of the international bankers Kahal conducting purposeful genocide of the Russian people, the solder was not only a spiritual booze from alcohol poisoning alone killed several hundred thousand people a year. With

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Houses of straw — simply and with a taste for life!

Construction of houses of straw blocks is becoming increasingly popular. This material — cheap, clean and strong enough, despite all the skepticism of experienced builders. To learn how to develop the industry of construction in Germany, see the movie.

A Kiev Irina and Alexey Kravchenko also built a country house of straw …

Hut not from a lack of funds, and a two-storey thatched mansion with excellent repair. Problems buy bricks and make it "as a people" was not — Irina's chief financial officer "Delta Sport", Alex is working in the same direction of the chief accountant

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Repeated criminal case against writer slavyanista A.V.Trehlebova

Senior Investigator at the First Department investigation of particularly important cases sledstvenngo the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory Lt. Justice Badalov VE Having considered the reports of crime — committing Trehlebovym reports about the AV and globalization, IA crimes under Part 1 of the Criminal Code st.282.2 (KRSP № 31 dated 28.01.2013) found that the reason for criminal prosecution are sufficient proof that the AV Trehlebov and globalization, IA, approximately 7/21/2012 take part in the activities of an extremist group, which is characterized by stability of its membership, roles, coordination of its members, to arrange

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What is the language spoken in medieval Sweden?

So. Oration on the death of Charles XI. 1697. 36,2 x 25,5. Uppsala University Library. Collected Palmkiold, 15 ….

«Placzewnaja recz na pogrebenie togho prez segho welemozneiszago i wysokorozdennagho knjazja i ghossudarja Karolusa odinatsetogho swidskich, gothskich i wandalskich korola, slavnagho, blaghogowennagho i milostiwagho naszego ghossudaja, nynjeze u bogha spasennagho. Kogda jegho korolewskogo weliczestwa ot duszi ostawlennoe tjelo, s podobajuszczjusae korolewskoju scestju, i serserdecznym wsich poddannych rydaniem byst pogrebenno w Stokolnje dwatset-scetwertago nowemrja ljeta ot woploszczenia bogha slowa 1697. "


Who has not read it, read it for yourself:

"Deplorable speech at the burial of this prezh

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