Curfew for minors legalized in Belarus

Council of the Republic approved the amendments to some laws on the prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency.

Approved the bill establishes the duty of parents (or guardians) to accompany children under 16 years of age, from 23.00 to 6.00 am outside the home, or provide them with support by the citizens, "Interfax".

The document states that "minors under the age of 16 years who are in the period from 23.00 to 6.00 without parents or guardians, or unaccompanied on behalf of other adult citizens are to be transferred to parents, guardians or trustees, or on their behalf ,

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Grandfather tells of a matrix of original Russian language


Slavic Vedic tradition. Carb vedanya Radin

A series of lectures in an accessible form reveals understanding Pocono Rod God, the primordial wisdom of Vedic Aryan birth. Carbo vedanya are the basis and essence of Slavic descent outlook. They reveal major, vital laws of the divine world and the human world, the rules of spiritual growth and understanding of the world from the point of view of Orthodox Rodnoverie (conservatives). Lecture is Yarovit Pozdnyakov. This lecture interprets the 2nd carb Essence thirds — Carb vedanya zeal.

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NATO base in Russia — Invasion


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Conversation with Alexander Pater Dy

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Consciousness of the Goddess. View from the side of the Mother principle of creation

Our Earth has a women's mind and is life-creative. It provides everything for life and growth, provides, but does not impose. The experience of love from Mother Earth is characterized by awe about life with a grateful acceptance of what is. The mother can take a break from the hustle and taste the beauty of life. Goddess of Life symbolizes the value of existence as such.

It teaches people to revere the secret development, we can feel the process of birth (birth) of something new, but do not try to open it. In all the earth there is a

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Springs — eternal life

Modern man, caught in the grip of civilization, almost lost the ability to control their own lives.

Technogenic civilization drove it to a dead end, where almost no choice: where to live, how to eat, what to drink?

Comprising 80 percent of the water inhabitant of planet Earth for centuries dwelt near sources of life-giving water. Many springs, rivers and lakes are certainly endowed with ancient miraculous properties. However, over time the healing properties of water have become ubiquitous and only weaken the habit to the sacred sources continue to rush thousands of people. But only in the most

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How Czar Peter the Russian people for tobacco hoisted

315 years ago, February 11, 1697 Peter the 1st published nominal decree to permit the sale of tobacco.

Date certainly remarkable, but while I am lost, I have to celebrate this anniversary, or not. The day when a great nation began to persecute tobacco! Is it a holiday? Or mournful date? Or maybe create a precedent: a walk in harmony, irregular formation in the streets of Russian cities with a cigarette with yellow teeth, shout praises tobacco bought in frozen fountains …. Or just simply stand in mournful silence near the ashtray? Initially, the Russian people was in fact a

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Falsification of the history of Russia

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