Valen Chudinov. Why his ideas scientific community refuses to accept?

Naked truth continues to introduce you to the activities of the most brilliant and outstanding personalities of our time. The review is devoted to academician, researcher and innovator, you are worthy of our attention — Valery Alekseevich Chudinov! What is interesting about this person? Why his ideas severe scientific community often refuses to accept? And the 2012 has pleased the famous philologist, which is subject to the mysteries of antiquity?

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Trehlebov about cold 2012th


Gas cross — a mystery that hide from us

Most of the electricity in our country today is produced with gas. 91% of Russia's natural gas production is concentrated in Western Siberia (Yamal). Almost all gas produced in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, through one area. Local residents from the village Pravohettinsky, near which it is located, called it very fittingly — "Gas Cross." Thence through the narrow corridors close to each other sometimes go seventeen pipelines in a row.

Whether intentionally done so that the life of the European part of Russia (and not

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People gathering in Nevinnomyssk 12/22/2012

He believes Trehlebov? That promotes?

Here is his credo. Here's what he believes in:

Reflections Alexei Trehlebova the laws of the universe, the purpose of man, of karmic relationships and self-improvement …

On Conscience, the family about what I am about the fact that we are all one.

The fact that our national, social, and other differences are illusory. This is only a mask that we are changing. About why it is important to do good to others. Listen to yourself. Only positive thoughts cosmic scale!

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December 10 — 1 Beylet — DAY Dazhdbog and madder

Wedding Goddess Dazhdbog with Maren.

Dazhdbog — Tarkh Perunovich God, God is the Guardian of the ancient Great Wisdom. Was named Dazhbog for what gave them the Great Race and the descendant of the Heavenly Nine Santee (books). Marena (Mara) — Great Goddess of Winter Night and eternal sleep, and Eternal Life.

Dazhdbog and Marena

Dazhdbog went to the kingdom of the dark In the way of a huge cave. It steel door with locks Knocked constipation Dazhdbog hands. On a chain in a cave Kashchei hanging And at his feet the fire is lit. Hanging

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ROC clergy receive a blessing from the Pope


Vatican press office released an official video of the meeting of Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev), the head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, with Pope Benedict XVI. After the ceremonial exchange of greetings and wishes of other interesting shots.

The clergy and laity — DECR staff members, in turn, take a blessing from the Pope. When one of them asks, "bless him» (bless me).

Such behavior, however, is clearly not troubled Metropolitan Hilarion. Adoption means the recognition of the blessings of

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U.S. media do not notice the log in your eye

The mystery of the ancient language of the Slavs


What is the law of Magnitsky?

Look at what is written in the law named after Magnitsky.

He seems to understand something …

Patriarch forbade priests expensive cars

Primate sure it will not provoke a negative public discussion and not to discredit the clergy.

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