UFO during a solar eclipse May 20, 2012. Incredible footage!


The Secret World of Crystals


Welcome to "The Secret World of Crystals". We invite you to take a magical journey of discovery and healing. Let your mind wander, and the spirit soars high in this multi-dimensional experience of the transforming power of the mineral kingdom. Canadian Indian music composer Mikeuly.

Mysteries of History: Aliens and Ancient Engineers

Lasers can cut monolith. Acoustic chamber, enabling interplanetary communication. And architecture that can tame the cosmic energy. What is it — a product of innovative technology or examples of stunning achievements of antiquity?

Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of Minsk (Belarus)


Slavic pyramid

On the banks of the Dnieper River tributaries, rivers Vit, Red, Trubezh, Stugna and Ros loom huge buildings. For a long time they are called serpents shafts. Initially, the gross imagination: just imagine their height reaches a height of three-storey house, and the width is equal to fifteen meters.

What made our ancestors to build walls? And who had the power to leave a memory of himself? Build such a facility was extremely difficult. Who did all this hell of a job? Here's a riddle: the power of a wild, disorganized tribes such titanic for a millennium?

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Siberian ruble. Video presentation

Under the auspices of the "Exodus. Siberian Russia "issued unique in its kind coin mascot -" Siberian ruble ". The purpose of this campaign — support for the construction of the Spiritual Center "Azgrad" in Siberia.


Art of lying and not responsible for his actions

Strange statements politicians make sense. Go away with it, they have long since learned.

Belarus proposes to tradition shapovalstva UNESCO list

In the photo: The Making of boots

News of Belarus. Manual production of boots spread to Dribin district of Mogilev region. Their skills, local craftsmen passed from father to son.

A historical-ethnographic museum Dribin even set up a workshop in which students learn the craft, said the news program "24 Hours" on CTV.

Belarus also intends to eventually propose to include in the list of World Intangible Heritage tradition of bast, a culinary festival "Motalskiya prysmaki" and Christmas carols playing "Zhanitsba Tsyareshki."

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Masonic plans chipizatsii plans and the creation of man — Cyborg

Notice under what sauce it is presented and by whom. The list of members of this global project, you will find the Masonic family crafty politicians from different political parties and social organizations. What unites them all but one. Membership in the fraternity of Freemasons.


On the subject:

  Surrogates — Film — Fiction

  Original title films: Surrogates Name of films: Surrogates Director: Jonathan Mostow Year of premiere: 2009 Genre: fiction, thriller The performers: Bruce Willis, Jack Nouzuorti Michael KUDIC, Michael O'Toole, James Jinto, Rosamund Pike, Valerie Ezlinn, Radha Mitchell,

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The myth of the Russian drunkenness — VG Zhdanov



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