Interview with Alexander Lukashenko in December 2011

Take a look and compare the speaker, rosionskim by shit …

Now all kinds of trash, actively push through the idea — "Well, since there is still no alternative gondonofobu …"

Who, if not Batka restore Russia, at least during the transition period?

And yes, for those who will whine about the fact that "we do not know how to live simple Russ White" — and we know very well know. Just as we know — that the genetic garbage trying to water Luke shit, it's just agony and it is clear — time goes fast …

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Vasilisa the Beautiful. Film-tale




The film is a fairytale, 1939 Planned to marry the father of their three sons. Brothers came to the open field and shoot arrows in different directions. Anton boom hit the tower to the noble daughter, Agathon — the courtyard of merchants and the arrow fell to Ivan the swamp to frog-wah …

Director: Aleksandr Rou Scenario: Galina Vladychino, Mr Schweitzer Operator: Ivan Gorchilin Artist: Vladimir Yegorov Composer: Leonid Polovinkin

Cast: Sergei Stolyarov, Sorogozhskaya Valentine, George Millyar Lydia Sukharevskaya Barysheva Tatiana, Maria Barabanov

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Miracles and unexplained facts in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church and the clergy. PHOTO

Russian Orthodox Church operates on a par with all other public institutions (and more recently, it is becoming increasingly obvious.) But Providence (or a higher power, if you will) continue to favor members of the Russian Orthodox Church more than anyone else. Moreover there is some evidence.

About sensational accident on the Garden Ring with the Rector Elijah Abbot Timothy, sitting behind the wheel of the car BMW Z4, heard, probably all. The fact that he refused to undergo a medical examination for intoxication and was disqualified for 20 months (but soon his defense is going to challenge the

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Living source of Love


About Lukashenka. Of a series of For Dummies

Many people who are used around the deal itself, surprising phenomenon of hatred of the West in relation to Lukashenko. Maybe hate is not entirely accurate — or rather it be "goat-herding flocks Western provocateurs are elementary information war against Lukashenko." War of annihilation.

Anything distinct because of "dislike" of the West to Alexander Grigorievich neprobleyano.

In the tales of the reason is the police crackdown proplachennoy crowds storming government house, hardly anyone believes. As in the fact that Lukashenko is a dictator (!)

We are just as suckers feed formulation "Lukashenko — the dictator"

The second phenomenon

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Eco-house — a unique construction



Zomboyaschik: sources

It is believed that the first signal on the air was a Hitler speech at the opening of the Berlin Olympics.

Interrogation protocol Hauptsturmfuhrer SS Kurt Shultsmayera the shooting cousin Eva Braun — nobody Fegelein. He tried to escape from Berlin with his pregnant wife in the hope of saving her and her child.

Shultsmayer investigator tells the amazing detail — close to the scene of the shooting of man Hitler watched from the trees, "Tibetan", or "the man in scarlet," one of those that arrived from Lhasa and did not wear a swastika. " And

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Brownie Kuzma Adventures domovenka

Brownie Kuzma: A Tale for Natasha


Slavic merrymaking. Samara Region, Novokuibyshevsk, DHS, 19 May 2012 (leto7520)


Masonic backstage

A film about the secret societies: the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Templars, etc. They all serve and worship Satan. Today, they practically do not hide their plans and goals …

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