Urusvati star (Nemesis, Mara, Nibiru, Wormwood) — a sign of the new world

I'm sure many have wondered what this strange new star appeared on the horizon this year and why it is brighter than all the other objects, except for the Sun and the Moon, and its brightness increases continuously? We tried to find answers to the questions what is the star, and that means its appearance.

Video channel REN: Military Secret to Igor Prokopenko

All unbelieving Thomas Yarema and can immediately scroll down and start viewing photos and videos.

In 1984 in California, gathered scientists from different countries, based on numerous observations and above

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Phaistos Disk: deciphering

The current catastrophic situation in Russia is due primarily to the fact that we fail in the most important war — a war for the great history and culture of the Russian people. Already 101 years of attempts to decipher the inscriptions on the Phaistos disk. The main method for most decipherers Phaistos disk was and is the iconographic method in which to search for signs of external similarity Phaistos disk labels with signs of other known writing. So, for example, L. Pernet, who discovered the disc in 1908, compared the signs Phaistos disk labels with Cretan hieroglyphs.


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Parasites of Consciousness — A New Conspiracy Theory

'… Wily master, capturing people from the start, so overlaid and put the soul power of darkness, like / clothing / dress man … He works secretly in the inner man, and the mind, and is struggling with his thoughts. And people do not know what they do, being chased some alien force, but think that all this is natural … "(St. Macarius of Egypt).

At some point in life, a person thinks: why there is so much pain and suffering, why people hate and kill each other. It seems that a person is born only for pain and

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White Gods — the early founders of the Egyptian state

In China, Egypt, Central and South America, in different historical periods and under different names, they suddenly came and just as suddenly disappeared, giving birth to himself in legend. They ruled the tribes and nations, and gave them their knowledge, taught them to cultivate the land and build cities, and then the mysterious white gods left, promising to return when the time comes.

According to one of the legends of the ancient Egyptian state Egypt have created nine white gods. Texts on the walls of ancient pyramids say that the gods have blue or green eyes, and Diodorus

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Old Slavic youth initiation

The problem of reconstruction of the Ancient youth initiation and related age-sex unions is very complex. Large time complexity is defined remoteness of these phenomena of our day. After all, direct information on the rituals and youth associations, as in all of the socio-normative culture and ritual life of ancient Slavs, we almost did not have. From time immemorial have survived only echoes of their deaf. Own Slavic annals, chronicles, news ancient, Byzantine and Oriental authors highlight the life of Slavs in the later period of their pre-state history. Moreover, the completeness of this reflection is far from desirable.

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Rod and people

Tell me, what is your family, and I will tell you who you are.

We have a family — a father, mother and one or two children. At most, there are grandparents and uncle and aunt, and they tend to live somewhere else. If a father of three children, she is a large. In ancient times, first, all generations of the family usually lived under the same roof, but still somewhere nearby is the family cemetery, so the family took part invisible and long-dead ancestors. Second, children born more than now. In the XIX century, in terms of monogamy,

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Vimal and star wars

Vimana — Ancient flying machines, mentioned in many sources antiquity. Enough of these devices are described in the ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata", "Ramayana", in also in the "Rig Veda» (II millennium BC. Oe.). According to these books, Wim divided into several types, and could fly not only in the atmosphere, but also outside of it — into space and to other star systems.

Classification Wyman:

  Vaitmar — ship uterus contains 144 Wightman (Wightman = Vimana) Wightman, in turn, are divided into five subspecies — Rukma Wiman, Sundara Vimana, Tripura Wiman, Shakun Wiman and Agnihotra.

Vaitmar intended for

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So whether Russia was dirty?

Heading to the Caucasus, Mikhail Lermontov in 1841, being also hurt by one and all, to write a poem "Farewell, unwashed Russia …". In so doing he has his home "good advertising." Later this work was waving all who feel like strangers and their own, Democrats and Communists, folk dissidents and foreign well-wishers.

"Unwashed Russia" — a backward, underdeveloped, lazy and, of course, is dirty. In general, it is not quite presentable. However, whether rights Lermontov was when he called on Russia to "dirty"? Or come to Russia to foreigners who contemptuously scrunching their sensitive noses, looking at the

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Where are you, Hyperborea? Who are your children?

Today among certain professionals and even very popular among the fans are talking and many hours of debate about Hyperborea. Someone arguing about where it was located, and who lived there. Others argue at all — and whether it was or was it just hog-wash, based on dozens of ancient manuscripts found in various parts of the world.

Of course, to be like this disputants is not necessary. Better to just try to systematize the sources and try to find them robust grain.

The first is to install — what is Hyperborea? If we believe the great historian of antiquity,

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Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov convicted posthumously under Art. 282 UkrFA

Finally, the "long arm" contraventional system held up to the point. Came into force the decision of Lenin district court of Kirov on the recognition of Viktor Vasnetsov, Russian, 1848 p., Artist-extremist. Posthumously.

Reason — The outcome for his film "The meeting with Oleg magician" produced by the master at the request of the investigating authorities unidentified person in Moscow in … 1899.

Fair to say that the most famous illustrator of Russian fairy tales again went down in history by accident, he found himself at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

"Magician" put on the

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