World order

December 2, 2011 17:23

Birth of our great past. And the grandeur of the past, not only in the depth of time, but in the wise prudence of our ancestors. But now, many live as if ashamed of his past, as if afraid of the parties the right to know and the Na'vi and their gods, koi are ancestors of our birth. And so today, and we do not have either the same content with the crumbs from another's table. And we do not know that they themselves are the cause of their troubles, for rejecting ancestral gods, forgetting

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Juvenile justice is paid from a thick wallet Western

Our "midfielders" constantly trying to convince us that defend the rights of Russian citizens. But in fact it turns out just the opposite. For example, not long ago, they were protecting the rights of American citizens to purchase our children.

A few days ago there was news that the famous "half", a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Boris Altshuler Finnish television channel in an interview said that the law on the introduction of juvenile justice is ready, but "because of the media and the" Soviet propaganda hyping scandals of removal of the Russians children, adoption of the law

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Military secret. (Aired 8/13/2012)


— The Mystery of the Red Planet: when humanity will find the brothers on reason? — Donkey's ear, the bloodiest battle of the 2nd Chechen War — Rifle-transformer: Arsenal Austrian soldiers — Under the weight of the sky: the secrets of aerobatics — Armory duel: American tank against a Russian grenade — Francis Drake: favorite pirate queen — Universal medieval soldier — Terra incognita. Who really discovered America? — Star-killer. When the Earth could burn down?

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Suspiciously frequent reports on the destruction of weapons in Russia

And this is done near the settlements. Here is one of these messages.

No casualties but damage enough — in times of peace settlement Semiozersk Leningrad region lives as in war. From the constant explosions there collapsing at home and in school nearly killed children. In a combat zone visited Valery Fenev.

And one more thing … it's all just in the last day.

For breakfast lunch and dinner — the explosions. Villagers near Shilovsky landfill where recycles ammunition to the regime used to, but with cracks in the walls do not

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Slavic holidays. Zharnikova SV

Zharnikova Svetlana 3/17/10 Department of Geography, Herzen State Pedagogical University. Herzen

Deputy Director of the Vologda regional scientific-methodical center of folk art, Ph.D., anthropologist. Member of the scientific and social movement "Northern Tradition."

More than 20 years of research Hyperborea, collecting information on particles, restoring appearance amazing country, no less legendary than the famous Atlantis and Shambhala.

Reptilians, rule the world. Secret Power

Norman theory in the annals Radzivilov

In 2011, the world is waiting for the food crisis

In 2011, the world is waiting for the food crisis. This prediction does FAO — Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Expected increase in prices for many products. Sugar will rise in price by a third, the price of wheat will increase by 41%, corn price will rise by 47%, according to NTV.

FAO food index has now risen to the level of 2007-2008, it was the previous crisis. Index reduces to a common denominator the price of grain, meat, dairy products, oil and sugar.

Are a few reasons for this phenomenon. Chief among them — is

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Dmitry Berenger — The meeting of the Sun

Rules of life in the Hall of the Heavenly Wolf

Training Workshop (Presenter: Vedaman Vedagor A.V.Trehlebov, Globa IA)

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