As Christianity gained Russ

Christianity officially started capturing Rus in 988. The official story is based on the historical writings of the chronicler Nestor. Ostensibly the story has been.

Prior to Prince Vladimir in Russia reigned paganism. A neighboring nations began to offer Vladimir take their faith. Vladimir in Kiev called Muslims, Jews and Christians of the Roman and Byzantine Christians. Then, he heard every ambassador and made his final choice on Byzantine brand of Christianity.

This canonical officially patented version is based on a single source, "Chronicle." Most terrible heresy in scientific circles as if anyone dares to the authenticity of this

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Full description of the Halls of Svarog Circle and their patrons

Svarog Circle — Sky is the area to which a single summer moves Jarilo-Sun (now Zodiac, or the ecliptic). Svarog Circle is divided into 16 Halls Halls of the Virgin, boar, Pike, Swans, Snake, Crow, Bear, Buslov, wolves, foxes, Tura, Elk Finist, Horse, Eagle Race. 1. Jiva, the Abode of the Virgin, the sacred tree — apple tree. Abode of the Virgin and Boar gives people the desire for knowledge of the world in all its diversity. People born in the palace, do not recognize the pressure on themselves when making decisions, and aspire to be leaders, to decide

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Yahweh and the fear of God

On Araama example, as a model of ideal servant, we can see that Jehovah cultivated adoption of its teams, the main factor of morality ordinary Jew.

Lord God, by definition, is All-Good, the All-Seeing, and the Almighty, that is, in the eyes of the Jew — is the absolute truth and goodness, and by good means unconditional commands and teachings of Jehovah, and the bad — it is not the execution of these commands. With that Jehovah was very important that these teams met without any thought, "because God knows everything in advance!" Explained Levites other Jews, knowing

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Secret World Government: John Coleman — The Committee of 300

Photo: 3-year-old Prince William with a characteristic gesture of the Illuminati

Photo: 3-year-old Prince William with a characteristic gesture of the Illuminati

Committee of 300

Imagine a powerful group (which recognizes no national borders), which includes banking, insurance, coal mining, trade, medicine, oil industry, whose members are responsible solely to the members of this group. It is the Committee of 300.

HIERARCHY conspirators: HISTORY OF 300

During my career I was an officer in intelligence received repeated access to strictly confidential documents, but during my service as an officer in the Angolan political analyst, I

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The Third World War has already begun?

The Third World War will start in 100 years after the first and will take hundreds of millions of human lives. This forecast is given by some experts. According to scientists, the war is already under way, now just ends its first phase.

Scientific concept causes, stages and timing of the third world war has developed the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov. In general, the forecast he stated in an interview with "free press."

On planet Earth, according to Sivkova, stepped global, civilization crisis. It is generated by several imbalances,

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A shock of the right in the state of our ancestors

A shock right. Image: xn — 80aaacme1abhfdrtv1b.xn--p1ai

Why, no matter who comes to power (through its seizure or "fair" elections), after a while it becomes a cad, corrupt and generally the enemy of the people? The first step is surrounding himself with the protection, flashing lights, makes the laws, sanctify all their actions and to indemnify and hold — and seize, seize, seize … not afraid of any people on earth, no God in heaven.

In this Power of our ancestors could not be in accordance with the principles of the Vedas. The system of people's lives in

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Slavic-Aryan Vedas Law extension type

All living things on earth are strictly divided into separate self-contained group, each of which represents a different genus or species. Every animal mates only with his Rod and views. Cuckoo cuckoo goes to the sparrow to the sparrow, swallow to swallow the mouse to the mouse, the rat to rat, etc.

1. Genera and species of living beings.

It can only change any extraordinary circumstances, especially the situation of imprisonment or other circumstances that prevent mating within the same genus or species. In this case, the nature resists and denies the ability of these animals to further reproduction

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Tentacle satanic cult

The truth is both simpler and more incredible than we can imagine. Satanic cult, whose main headquarters is located in London, enslaves humanity.

They worship Lucifer and are determined to redefine reality and control the planet. Having inadequate part of the world's wealth, you share it with the ignorant masses? Would not preach that God is dead, and truth and justice purely subjective? Will not indicate that the person is essentially — nothing more than an animal intended to be domesticated or killed?

Satanism has penetrated in Free Masonry and many other religions, institutions and groups. Satanists hold the

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Runes of ancient Slavs

Runes of ancient Slavs were signs of writing, but in the understanding of the Magi runic symbols have also a special secret magic sense, because some species were used for divination (fortune telling runes) and witchcraft. We have heard 18 Slavic runes. How many were there of all — no one knows.

Now information about the "magic value" runes, there are many more than the Slavic runic texts. These data have little to do with the missing knowledge of the Magi, as in later times significantly supplement and reassess various "wizards," including our modern, which now became more numerous

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Myths of Ancient India: the creation of life and becoming immortal gods

One of the most interesting, mysterious and rich mythology of the world is an Indian. Myths and Legends of Ancient India are very diverse. In addition, they are doubly interesting to the Russian people, who are interested in the origins of Russian spiritual culture, it started pre-Christian pores. Aria (Aryans) came to the territory of the Indian subcontinent about the second millennium BC. e. from the lands of modern Russia.

Their myths and legends have kept many of the same reasons that unite people in a vast Indo-European language family. Their mythology has reached our days, though embellished,

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