Control center of world politics — Bilderberg mystery

The theory that the world is governed by the secret society of powerful members of the human race, are the oldest conspiracy theories. The existence of most of these groups is highly doubtful, but sometimes there are real grounds for such hypotheses. For example, in ancient times in the world did have a lot of influential Jewish bankers. However, the theory that their decisions determine the fate of all mankind, is, for the most part, the result of pure speculation, with no under a how-ever convincing evidence.

Secret meetings

At the same time, the existence of the "Bilderberg" is a

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Vatican calls for a new world order

October 24, 2011 the Vatican issued a document that calls for the establishment of a world financial government, writes Time.

According to the authors of the document from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, published under the title "On the reform of the international financial and monetary systems", a new international organization that would take over the functions of the global financial regulator. However, this organization must be given broad powers, which include not only the supervision of financial markets, arms control, food security and peacemaking activities, according to the Vatican. In the context of globalization would be a

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So what are afraid of the Illuminati?

Masons have created a vampire centuries pyramid of control and they are afraid to lose it because it is not only their system is getting very sophisticated goods by most other people, but also a huge energy recovery system of the cyclically recurring pain and pleasures of the human masses, bounded by a special program for the continuation and repetition permanent weaning energy is the life support system governing Illuminati ancient gods, given to people in the past as well arranged this divine vampirism?

This is similar to how people put nuclear fuel in the reactor and the

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Through the chaos and destruction of a civilization

Modern human civilization is actively and rapidly changing. Western masters project driven humanity in a very narrow corridor of the country and the world's peoples reeling conceptual, civilizational, economic and financial, social, political, environmental and military crisis.

Erupted on the planet (and carefully inflated) flame continuous revolution. It covers not only crushed the various problems the Arab and Islamic world, but more recently prosperous West. Originally, the "peaceful" protests that are trying to present, as the expression of the "will" of the people, automatically flow into a confrontation with the authorities, the armed conflict. December 16 came reports

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Trehlebov — Lucifer?

The figure of the Buddha. Bronze. Lantau Island. Hong Kong.

The first information, why Trehlebova arrested: he is accused of using Nazi symbols.

Remember, I used to say that, instead of having to take the best from the Soviet past and our present, we did the opposite? People who accuse him, combine the current illiteracy, ignorance and the Soviet inquisitorial mindset Party officials.

Do they still do not know what it means swastika? Hitler's Nazi Germany was not because he took the swastika — an ancient symbol of the sun, but because it declared itself the superior race!

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The air smells of World War Storm

News, that come from the Middle East, saying that the air smells like a storm of another world war. Over the weekend, received multiple alarms.

November 12 League of Arab States (LAS) voted for a temporary suspension of the Syrian Arab Republic to participate in the meetings of the organization in relation to the unfolded state in the confrontation between the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and the opposition. "For" votes 18 Arab States (LAS only — 22 states), "against" expressed itself CAP, as well as Lebanon and Yemen. Iraq abstained. It is believed that the temporary

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NATO is preparing a World War — Russian and Chinese military regime moved to higher readiness.

Christoph Lehmann. NATO is preparing a World War — Russian and Chinese military regime moved to higher readiness.

At the International Security Conference (ISC), Munich 2007, Vladimir Putin warned western leaders, that the unprecedented aggressive expansion of NATO has led the world closer to a third world war than ever before. This is a stern warning was made several years before the NATO aggression against Libya and its undeclared war against Syria and Pakistan. Due to the recent dispatch of armed U.S. troops to Uganda, and military threats against Pakistan, the armed forces of NATO, Russia and China have never

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A new world is born

Tradition, of course, we can not form a full-fledged company. And it's not what you need to organize any party or movement.

Now fundamentally different goals.

Yes, the world in which we will make in this life, through a phase of collapse, dismantling, movement to a global selection within each person, etc.

You can call it the Iron Age of Kali, Svarog night or last time — it does not matter at all.

Such is the era, such a planet has got in this lifetime. The planet, by the way, is not a list of the sacred. The world

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HAARP — Doomsday Weapon

As promised, we continue the theme of the issue before 2012 and publish a new article on weapons Doomsday (doomsday machine), which no doubt has played and will play a major role in the script the man-made apocalypse, which is scheduled for the next few years, perhaps in 2012 . We have already mentioned that no doubt in his nature and man-made, article after article, we will tell you why, over all of this are people of flesh and blood, but not any X planets, aliens and the like. In this article we would like to highlight the most

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New world order needs an enemy

Saddam Hussein was executed, Osama bin Laden is dead, Muammar Gaddafi — the run and the same fate, the "war on terror" is in dire need of a new terrifying scarecrow. Mahmud Ahmadinejad and Iran have been touted as possible contenders for the post, but much of the world already knows that the "Iranian threat" — it is simply a US-Israeli propaganda. So is there anyone else on the planet who could paint "on Dr. Evil," or the powers that be will have to look up to the starry sky, in search of their next "terrible villain?"

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