Aliens for the New World Order

In the current in the current political situation of the world to launch a global process of transition to a new world, a global enemy — alien to the limit of an alien /

The universe is full of life. Life appears everywhere for it is the slightest opportunity. We know carbon-fiber form — just one of the physical-chemical options for its existence. Intelligence, wit and intelligence of various levels of difficulty is also an integral part of our environment are mutually nested, multi-dimensional world. Some forms and manifestations of processes and phenomena in the world, available to our understanding

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Heroes of our burden. Social parasites


No current is to say that society is a whole organism with metabolism and survival rates. Members of the public, the citizens — the authority, the particles of the body, metabolism and maintenance of the general tone of society. But in order to be a body — you have PSIHOANATOMIYU PARTS — ie understand themselves as a part of something greater than one's own "I".

Psihoanatomiya of society has failed pathology and pathology of rebirth. Failed — conscientious adherence to the wrong path with good intentions. Degeneration of the body — is part of its transformation

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Oscar Ugarteche: the crisis of hegemony and changing world order


This paper reviewed the elements that determine the crisis of U.S. hegemony and the general crisis of capitalism, which is currently taking place. Undergo a process of rethinking of the economic crisis, and will attempt to review the crisis of hegemony in a hard way.

The assumption is that there is a transfer of power from the old economy of Seven other economic group, but it is a struggle for power among the world powers waning, and do not put forward any new initiatives. Everything points to the fact

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The concept of the World Tree

Tree — the Slavic character, symbolizing the unity and cooperation of all the three times: past, present and future.

The trunk represents the present, ourselves. What is under the ground — the roots of the tree represent the past time of our ancestors. Crohn embodies future — our children.

The roots of the tree represent our roots — first the father and mother, and then our grandparents, then great-grandfather great-grandmother, then many generations of our ancestors. Then among our ancestors begins wildlife. … Then there are the elements — air, water, fire, earth, metal! Then go

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People prevent the Apocalypse

Through our colleague received a message from nonhumans. With the approval of the Supreme Council of the Heads of Russian families AKOO "Russian treasury" publishes information on this treatment, his motives and his essence.

This creature is brought to contact his fear — he knows no other emotions — of retribution for what they were doing and they do it "countrymen". Below is a description of that part of the message, which concerns the secretive management mechanisms of social processes, and then — explanation of the points that need clarification.

Valery Larionov Chairman AKOO "Russian treasury" — BASTION

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Sinister place — Astana, Kazakhstan

Do not confuse the name of the city Astana? If you swap the letter of the first syllable of the word, it will … any game. I understand that the "Astana" in Kazakh means "capital", but given the large percentage of Russian-speaking population in the country, is it not possible to come up with something a little less provocative? Even more puzzling coat of arms. Above the word "Astana" a strange monogram, clearly resembles the head of Baphomet:

This randomness or regularity? What is the inside, the new capital of Kazakhstan? Who is Mr. Nazarbayev? This

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Sacred feminine essence in Slavic Culture House

All human life is built on the principle of interconnected worlds. These worlds are many, each of them has a special meaning. They may be isolated or located at the intersection, differ from each other or to be like. Together, they form a picture of a person's life. But in this set house occupies a central position.

According to the German philosopher Georg Simmel and cultural studies, the House — is part of life and at the same time a special way to connect, reflect, create life. Accomplishment of this is an act of great cultural

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So what are afraid of the Illuminati?

Masons have created a vampire centuries pyramid of control and they are afraid to lose it because it is not only their system is getting very sophisticated goods by most other people, but also a huge energy recovery system of the cyclically recurring pain and pleasures of the human masses, bounded by a special program for the continuation and repetition permanent weaning energy is the life support system governing Illuminati ancient gods, given to people in the past as well arranged this divine vampirism? This is similar to how people put nuclear fuel in the reactor and

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Scam aimed at Russia

On the way to the New World Order

Realities of history, its true hand, careful analysis suggests that the roots of all evil Russia should look in the UK. And everything to do with all the ills of the modern world, comes from that country. They live puppeteers — the secret rulers of the social, political, social and economic processes taking place in our world. Even Henry Ford once said that, for the abolition of all the wars and conflicts in the world, it is necessary to destroy the "world behind the scenes."

Imagine a theater.

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Russia predicting some exceptional situation in the coming world order

In a crucial period of human history has always stepped up various predictors. Who are older, observed the Sabbath of astrologers, psychics, and other sorcerers in the end of the rebuild, just before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, it seems, came the Renaissance Neo-old seers. There are plenty of the latter-day prophets that broadcast of the coming end of the world, but … That is what is essential: they prophesy Russia some exceptional situation in the coming world order.

To all this, it would be possible not to pay attention if the situation in the

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