Tablets of Dzhordzhii.Nadpisi in all languages consist of ten principles (commandments) for those who survive the global cataclysm

On a rocky hill in the northeast of the North American George was one of the strangest monuments created in our time. It is known under the name «Georgia Guidestones", or "Tablet Georgia"

This structure consists of five dvadtsatitonnyh granite polished slabs of five meters in height. Composition called Georgia Guidestones, or Tablet Georgia, as essentially a Kinda granite "plates" with regulations.

The inscription is engraved with 8 modern languages, one language on the front or back of the 4 vertical plates.


If the bypass construction clockwise from the

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Illuminati card. Steve Jackson Games.

We offer you a card game called "Illuminati", released in 1995. They were released the company «STEVE JACKSON GAMES».

What sets this game among hundreds like her? The fact that, as already mentioned, it was released in the 1995th, but many of the events depicted on the maps occurred many years later. By the way, the "Illuminati" took first place at the Origins Award for Best Card Game 1995. The main goal of the game — world domination and the establishment of a new world order. Oddly enough, but it is the same for "allegedly existing" world

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As Christianity gained Russ

Prince Vladimir

As Christianity conquered Russia? According to Church tradition first brought Christianity to Russia Andrew — the brother of the Apostle Peter. He allegedly came by water "from the Greeks to the Vikings."

"Allegedly" — this is because it is unclear where then happened to the rest 8 centuries of history in Russia? If in Russia had no written language, and it was brought by two whacky — Cyril and Methodius, how then Russia, the former center of the route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" could not exist without writing?

In short, Andrew (yes, and who

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Christianity and Gavva. Who is Christianity?

Christianity — the world's largest religion (more than 2 billion adherents). Bible translated into more than a thousand languages in the world, Christians say that the popularity of the Bible and Christianity is growing every day. But the poor servants of God do not even think how many centuries of Christianity and how they oppress humanity brought by victims. Even 200-300 years ago was a Christian dictatorship.

Cheers Death — all dissenters into the fire … How many years in selling gold priests promise of salvation from hell after death. And buy "indulgences" had everything necessary. With this money, the

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Abrahamic religions — the scientific view of the origin of religions

1. Abrahamic religions — three religions, the first of which — Judaism — is not recognized as among the world's religions, as professed by only one people (religious and social community), but that it had a decisive influence on the formation of other Abrahamic religions, and the entire western (Atlantic) civilization. The other two Abrahamic religions — Christianity and Islam — are considered the world's religions.

The basic principle underlying the Abrahamic religions — the creation of a personal God of the world out of nothing (ex nihilo). Nothing Abrahamic religions (Greek for? On) does not have anything to manifestatsionistskomu

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The new treatment of various diseases — koshkoterapiya — developed at the London Institute of therapeutic methods of influence. Close this issue eminent engaged after one night in the laboratory, where the staff conducted an experiment late, went to the institute's favorite — the cat in March. As she passed the generator currents of low frequency, suddenly tipped the scales all the sensors. For fun, the researchers decided to measure the electromagnetic field of Martha.

Imagine their surprise when it turned out that instead of the current expensive generator, you can safely use a cat, as it is capable of

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Slavic runes

Subintrusive rationale polzy syschestvovaniya pynicheskogo Slavic letters were vydvinyty pposhlogo early in the century, SOME of ppivodimyh then referred to the evidence now Glagolitic, not the "pynitse" SOME pposto proved untenable, but saves the arguments pyad sily still pores.

Thus, it is impossible spopit Titmapa with evidence, and the eccentricity, describing Slavic hpam Retpy, located in the grounds lyutichey, ykazyvaet to the fact that the idols that were inflicted hpama line, made with "special", negepmanskimi pynami. It would sovepshenno absypdno suggests the that Titmap, bydychi obpazovannym man could not yznat standaptnye younger Scandinavian pyny if the

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Analysis of occult symbols mural Bank of America

In a prominent place in the foyer of the Corporate Center Bank of America is frightening murals filled occult symbols. Even more disturbing is the fact that these images seem to predict events of a radical change in the world in the not too distant future. Predict whether these murals parish occult New World Order? Look at the occult symbols and their meaning in the frescoes found in the frescoes Bank of America.

InfoWars reader sent me pictures of some very strange looking frescoes Corporate Center Bank of America in Charlotte, S. Carolina. Needless to

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New World Order and a hoax in 2012

Horse of the Apocalypse from Denver

Anviktori begins a series of revelatory material on "The New World Order and a hoax in 2012." In them we will try to explain to our readers what the reality is behind this date, why it was chosen by secret manipulators, and which can be expected to Russia and the world in relation to the events of 2012.

As we have not once mentioned, in 2012 the problem is real, and to suggest otherwise would be, at least not honestly. However, one must clearly and clearly realize that this problem is artificial

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Surprisingly it may seem different Russian, amazed contagious virus of ignorance, to the disgrace grovel all foreign, Sign Festival, Kolovrat, Brace is the earliest sign of Slavic (Russian) people.

Kolovrat captured another mammoth ivory. Under the golden Kolovrat scarlet banner on the legendary prince Svetoslav went to Constantinople, beat the Khazars. This radiant symbol was used by pagan wise men in rituals associated with ancient Slavic Vedic faith, and so far it embroider Vyatka, Kostroma, Vologda crafter.

It is not surprising is the fact that Nazi Germany Third Reich used the mark (slightly modified) in its state symbols, as Germanic

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