Levitating yoga. The key to focus

This trick is pretty simple, and I'm sure some of them even know the answer to it. However, in the past such spectacular illusions to impress too gullible and perhaps some so even strengthened his belief in the unlimited potential of yogis and levitation.

The essence of the trick, which are shown on the photo, street magicians, is simple: a clever piece design begins with a solid support under "Yogi", sitting on the ground, after which the metal frame carefully concealed in specially designed for this long and airy sleeves, walking sticks, which connects a

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In South Korea, both married 3500 sectarians

On Sunday in South Korea at the same time married three and a half thousand pairs. All of them are followers of the teachings of Sun Myung Moon, the so-called "Unification Church." He claimed to have received a covenant to build the kingdom of God on earth in person of Jesus Christ. This — the first since the death of a mass wedding-moon in September last year, said channel "Russia 24".

In the video, along with South Korean newlyweds oath of loyalty uttered another 12,000 pairs worldwide. Later, they recovered to collect donations for his

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President of the sect?

November 6, 2012 in the U.S. presidential elections. The American people have to choose between two candidates — incumbent, Democrat Obama, and Mitt Romney — the Republican nominee. On the side of the latter — a respectable appearance billion bank account, the reputation of a successful businessman, and crisis manager.

Exemplary family man, father of five sons. Mr. Perfection. But it was he who declared our country's geopolitical enemy of the U.S. number 1. So Russia Romney victory is not at hand. However, it is rapidly gaining popularity. Its only drawback (which we hope and remains) — Religion:

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Archaeological Museum in California robbed of $ 2 million

Police of California looking for two robbers who stole from the archaeological museum gems and gold nuggets worth about 2 million dollars, reports on Tuesday night by the Associated Press.According to police, the two men who were with him a small ax, climbed into a museum in the town of Mariposa on Friday.

Most likely, the main purpose of criminals was a nugget of gold weighing 6.3 kilograms, which was found during the "gold rush" in the early twentieth century. However, the robbers did not steal it, as the alarm went off. Arrived on the scene the police in a

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Renunciation of Pope: Holy place is empty. For how long?

All world news discuss renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI. Many questions: what are the real motives behind his decision, who will succeed, as will be developed further the Roman Catholic Church?

A holy place is empty — still happens or not? Formally, of course, the Holy See continues to Benedict XVI. However, up to the minute known when Pope resigned. It will happen on February 28th at 23:00. Voluntarily. And, God willing, during the life of His Holiness. The case for the Catholic Church, if not unprecedented, then, at least, it is extremely rare. Last alive papacy pontiff left

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Russians will live in harmony with astronomical time?

Daylight shooter offered to re-enter, but only one at a time

In Russia will winter

Chairman of the Duma Committee on Health Sergei Kalashnikov introduced a bill to move to winter. To do so would be to move the clock back an hour, according to RIA Novosti.

"We propose to transfer clock back an hour, saving time, while 54 regions will live on astronomical time" — said Kalashnikov.

The bill will come into force on 28 October — the day that will be transferred to the arrow.

Return to the astronomical time saw fit Rospotrebnadzor head, the chief

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Pope Benedict XVI intends to renounce the papacy

The current pope, Benedict XVI intends to abdicate. It is passed several foreign news agencies. The details of this decision are still unknown. According to some reports, the pontiff announced its decision on one of the church's activities, and even named the date — February 28. Nothing like this in modern history has ever had. Also reported that the head of the Roman Catholic Church health problems


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Blood chilling scenario of «the end of the world familiar to us»

Senator Tom Coburn, in his book "The debt bomb" scenario presented a cooling blood "end of the world familiar to us." CIA should have taken it into account. Perhaps they have already done.We give here some excerpts from this book.

Coburn fictional "end of the world" begins August 4, 2014 in Tokyo, where the leadership of a large mutual fund holds a meeting with representatives of dozens of private funds and officials of foreign governments. Mutual fund — a major buyer of U.S. Treasury bills, which are funded by sales of U.S. debt costs.

Representatives of the Japanese mutual fund,

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Military Secret 04. 02. 2013

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The X-Files. Kamasutra for bankers

The global financial and krizis.Bankiry banki.Komu all countries have the money?

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