Lucid dreaming (Trehlebov A., Globa IA)

Training Workshop (Presenter: Trehlebov A., Globa IA) "The path to mastering lucid dream worlds for learning Na'vi, the glory and the Government" Lucid dreaming greatly expand the boundaries of knowledge of the universe, give more opportunities of self-improvement and prolong our lives, for a quarter to a half of life we spend in sleep.

The successful experience of the world, Navi with lucid dreaming requires prior workshops prior learning Vedic philosophy, studying the experience of ancestors in this important matter, and compliance with safety during sleep.

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Zionist lobby in Russia

The film reveals the structure of the fifth column in today's Russia — the Israel Lobby. The author — a writer, publicist, editor in chief of "Duel" — Yuri Mukhin passes on personalities, links and structure destroyers hiding behind masks "human rights defenders". Reveals their role in the destruction of the remaining civil liberties in Russia.

The author describes in detail, including by example, the persecution and pressure people "uncomfortable" octopus Israel Lobby.

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Money for blood, or who and how to make a disaster

Billionaire Warren Buffett has shared with the world best financial strategy. If you hurry up, according to the investor, now you can earn … to disaster in Japan

The fact that the earthquake and subsequent explosions at the Japanese nuclear power plant will bring a — multibillion-dollar losses, while others — such as, if not more, profit, it was clear from the start. But publicly, "bluntly", the first of it dared to speak the American billionaire Warren Buffett. According to Buffett, the catastrophe is a good opportunity to buy shares of Japanese companies, and if the time to do

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Olmert confessed!

No comment …

David Duke. Jewish racism through the eyes of Rabbi

Black tulips in the Chechen war (1996)

Film on the "black tulip" in the Chechen war. Average quality, but there is a lot of information and facts. For example you can understand about casualty toll of the Russian army during the retaliatory assault on Grozny in August 1996.


Kolovrat — Ghost Race

The myth of the secular servility rusichej

GCAP-known poetess shestidesyatnitsy comprador-in pseudo-intellectual circles in Moscow and Leningrad, was quite popular aphorism: "Russia — the thousand-slave." "Deepen" as aforesaid thesis "naiprodvinuteyshie" from "superintendents of perestroika" (can not remember which of them first) — A. Yakovlev and Yuri Afanasiev, "Russia — millennial paradigm of unfreedom."

What Pskov Veche Republic? It existed from the middle. 13th and early. 16th century inclusive!

I'm not a big fan of the parliamentary system. Right after all old Polybius (2. BC. E.): "In different historical circumstances, be fair (and best, we might add), the various forms of government." However, if you stand on

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How to return because of their race. Video


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Why Gerard Depardieu Russian passport?

The interest of French celebrities to acquire Russian citizenship prompted RT correspondent Sean Thomas to learn more about the benefits of life in Russia.

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