CIA revealed the real rate of extinction Russian

CIA denies Russian official statistics. The rate of decline of the Russian population is almost 15 times higher than indicated in the official reports of service Rosstat.

Belie the CIA and optimistic estimates of increased life expectancy in Russia, as well as statistical data on mortality and fertility, says, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

Thus, according to the American "Book of Facts", in July of this year, Russia had 138.7 million people — on this indicator the country with the largest area in the world is only ninth in the world.

However, at the site of Rosstat says: "The resident population

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Kingdom of the Oceans

The film is about infinity and freedom of the underwater world, the kingdom of the living sentient being named Ocean …


E-government is almost ready

September 3, 2011. Beijing is 19th China International Fair of financial technology and banking equipment. Judging by the exhibits on it, after 3-5 years, people will be firmly attached to his personal email account and identification data, without which to buy or sell anything will be nearly impossible.

For those who wish to avoid the consequences of the era of total control, today should think seriously about moving out of the city in its own self-contained house for his family with all necessary.


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Chudinov VA — Russian runes and pre-Christian culture. Part 1

Russian Khaganate and spring Russ. Demonstration of the inscriptions on the objects found by archaeologists in the Russian Kaganate, in Wagram, Skandia and Russ Slavs.

What you need to invest in a sign for what he earned?

Today we will talk about the signs and runes, as well as on working with them. Let's start with the fact that the signs and runes, contrary to many fairy tales, books and fentiziynym psevdomagicheskim benefits alone will not work. What does this mean? It's simple. No matter how much hell with runes and secret signs on the ground in a notebook or on the board, no instant permanent or temporary effect, this is not effective. But at the same time marks drawn on prominent places, over time will affect the actors to observe them in their

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Prince Svyatoslav — I go to you!

Svyatoslav (d. 972 g) — Prince of Novgorod, with 945 of Kiev. Son of Grand Prince Igor Rurikovich and Princess Olga (first of the Towns of rulers converted to Christianity), and tried to convert him, but before the end of Sviatoslav remained loyal to the faith of the Ancestors, explaining that a Christian would not enjoy credibility with the squads.

He was famous as a great general Svyatoslav, who NM Karamzin called "Alexander (the Great) of our ancient history."

"Going Svyatoslav 965-968 years are like a single saber stroke, draw a map of Europe on a wide semi-circle of

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Planet on the eve of a series of catastrophic situations

OV treatment Martynov on December 6, 2010

For all 9 channels of our system was the signal level of the electric fields of the deep imbalance in the system structure of the planet. Comparing these data with those of 2009, and received a confirmation from the Italian specialists, we believe that the planet is on the eve of a series of disastrous situations.

These SHGM-2 for 05.12.2010 (time GMT +1)

More detail, indicating the origin and content of the event we will inform tomorrow at the end of the day.

Prof. Martynov OV


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Swastika — truth and lies




Generic Magic Slavs 3 of 4


Children of the Gods, and the servants of God


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