Trehlebov of pagans



The video for the band's song "Disco Crash" — Evil. No comment. You just have to watch and listen.

Psychiatry — An Industry of Death

The shocking film about the back of Psychiatry, on whose conscience has crippled millions of human lives. It is worth to note that modern psychiatry in its development is not far removed from the beginning of the twentieth century. Amputation, brain damage, cut its tissues, and other ways to replace at least a terrible persecution of psychotropic substances.

Sverdlovsk region. Schelpy — another civilization


NTV documentary from the series Mysterious Russia. Urals. Mysterious bundles of energy can take any image — what is it? To local residents and scientists. Ancient submarine base in the National Park Deer Brooks. Ancient metal smelting and mysterious petroglyphs on the rocks of the Urals. Izcheznuvshy Ural malachite. Mistress of Copper Mountain.

Is it really good to live in the U.S.?

How to live an ordinary America — what is behind the beautiful facade. Says Victoria Butenko (researcher, entrepreneur, writer), who lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years.

How to build ecohouse


David Duke. Institute of Jewish brides

We were told all my life that religious views should do good. But it turns out the good deed alike. How else to understand the Jewish religious leaders urged their female iudeek against non-Jews by deceit and seduction? We are surprised and shocked. Spiritual leaders of Israel openly urged their parishioners to fight on the front bed and declared it the most important of the mitzvot (from IIA. Mitzvah — prescription, order, command).

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A rally in support of Colonel Kvachkov. As has been detained by police Yuri Ekishev. Video

The trial of Yuri Ekisheva tomorrow, Monday 8/10/12. at 3rd Street Red Guard, 3. From 09:00 to 10:00 he will be taken to the court. Nearest Metro: Exhibition — 850 m, International — 910 m, Ulitsa 1905 Goda — 1.7 km. All witnesses of illegal detention, please appear in court, with the written name, the lawyer could not immediately read out the names and called as witnesses. For lawyers need all videos detention if you have on a CD or flash cards. Open court, and we invite all to come and support Yuri Ekisheva and secure his

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AG Nevzorov: Why bloggers skeletons out of the closet of the ROC

Company ROC seriously believes that work specifically against it for the money. As if they themselves are not compromised beyond recognition in recent years.

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