Joust in Mir Castle. 10/14/2012

Reptilians among us

Reptilians among us — Twenty hot! Reptilian eyes, tentacles, tongue, skin, etc. Starring: George W. Bush, Laura Bush, McCain, Sarkozy, reporters CNN, FOX News and many others. Many hot videos are lost due to deletion Yutuba Administration at the request of "third parties."

The first part


The second part





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How to weave a Belarusian sandals?

Bast for Belarusian peasants — not just shoes. Contact them many tales and legends, sandals appear in proverbs and sayings. Traditional Belarusian sandals made in the village Korovchino that in Mogilev region, approximately 250 km from Minsk.

Military Secret (26/11/2012)

The scandalous truth about the Russian people


How can Russia be without pants

"Rosneft" has to be completely removed from the direct control of the state by 2016. This was announced on June 7, Dmitry Medvedev.

The updated list of companies to be privatized, also includes Sberbank, VTB, Russian Railways and other state assets. This year alone, Moscow plans to reach the target of 300 billion rubles on privatization. This is over $ 9 billion, says terrible burr announcer Channel PIC.

After Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the country's budget revenues fall by about 300 billion rubles. The corresponding statement was made today by the head of

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Slavic sacred symbols and their meaning. The swastika (from the series of films Games Gods, directed by Sergei Strizhak)

Apartheid for white

The last ten years in the UK annually attracts about 600,000 immigrants from different countries. According to experts in the field of demography in 50 years the white population of the UK will be the minority. More information about the problem of London reporter RT Pauline Boyko.

Multipornuha for a little girl


The Bible — the holy book. Old Testament. Gomonov Y.

The Bible — the holy book. Quote. Old Testament. Did you read the Old Testament? No? And you know that reading is not for the faint hearted? Lecture Gomonova Y.

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