Secret Space. Alien invasion

Secret Space. Space Illuminati Conquest.

Country: United Kingdom Year: 2007 Category: Journalism Translation: Amateur (odnogolosy)

Director: Chris Everard / CHRIS EVERARD Cast: David Ike, Jamie Moussan, Marcus Allen, Valery Uvarov and Chris Everard Format: avi Duration: 1:46:53 + 2:16:19 Size: 917 MB + 1.16 GB


My last film called The Illuminati, is investigating in the direction of the global fascist dictatorship — dictatorship with the desire to spread fear and war on the planet Earth. I have found is the fact that the Bush family runs the New World Order in favor of networks sekrtenyh societies

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Cinema as a mass weapon of manipulation


The film shows you the impact of reality can have a massive thought forms, and how it can be productively used, introducing the installation in films, sometimes viewed by hundreds of millions of people. The principles of such systems, real-world examples from the past and present. Despite the fact that the establishment of a new world order has already reached great heights, and in the U.S. for many carry a microchip, a full transition to the next level is possible only if some global catalyst. This catalyst can be any common pattern

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Invisible Empire: A New World Order

The documentary "The Invisible Empire" tells of the troubles in advanced American globalist issues for the future of their country, with the trend of the U.S. withdrawal from the occupied today their place in the world for quality of life and the freedoms they incrementally lose.

In the economic aspect, the director blames global management plans designed to shift from the position of the dollar the world's reserve currency, as well as determination of the international regulation of the American economy by the IMF to establish control over the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

In the film,

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Wisdom Russian Magi

Revelations of the book is devoted to the elders of Northern Russia. Their message — invincible weapon warrior, smashing hordes Legion of Darkness. All of the essays in this book, published in "National Security and the Geopolitics of Russia"


Knowledge of the truth of the universe came the various ways people have in abundance. Started in confusion and chaos in this vast array of information. As previously reported force that deliberately taken away the thoughts of man for thousands of years in miropredstavlenie illusory, due to the implementation of an information breakthrough to a real understanding of

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Is there a secret government of the earth?

Is there a secret government of the earth?

In Russia, a book by former British intelligence officer Dr. John Coleman, exposing elite conspiracy against humanity

"Committee of 300"

Here people do not believe that the country is run by presidents, prime ministers, presidents and other "visible" officials. Suspect that the real power — the powerful and unshakable, but hidden — is concentrated in the hands of someone other. In kakih-nibud Masons, for example. Particularly mistrustful citizens even created a so-called "World conspiracy theory", according to which the world is ruled a small handful of people. They are rich

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All global property can concentrate in a few hands

Russian companies in the 15 months fell by almost a third. The study conducted audit and consulting group BDO.

According to analysts, the total value of shares that are traded on the MICEX-RTS has dropped from 33 to 23 trillion rubles and a half. Only last month had dropped to 10 and a half percent, trying to tell a man with a guttural channel PIK.

It is worth noting that in general global trend of the Russian market without distracting. Thus, the RTS index lost nearly 35%. This is slightly higher than other stock markets. Thus, in

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Russias resurgence American eyes

Simple American — about how to love our country.

— What Americans are stupid — yes, stupid — tells me American. — We were stupid, had not been. But when I was told that the Americans stink, I'm cursed, because it is not. So stupid — right and stink — no!

Tim Kirby

American gave me an appointment in the "national bar" along the walls hung with wooden spoons and Soviet posters. American's name is Tim Kirby, he has lived in Russia for seven years, considers himself a patriot it with a soft, gentle accent — but

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Bilderberg further plans for Russia

The annual secret Bilderberg conference, which gathers the powers of the world of finance, business, politics and the media, this year held in Chantilly, Virginia. Hotel Marriott Vestfilds allowed formal and informal meetings to get guests from the airport so secretly as possible, avoiding the crowds of protesters, from both the progressive "invaders" and the conservative "Tea Party", who gathered on the perimeter security, set up for this "private "Conference.

Bilderberzhtsev at the meeting this year included three guest from Russia. However, in contrast to the establishment of such persons as the Western United States, Britain, Germany, France and Canada,

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Life-giving ceremonies

Life-giving ceremonies are necessary and integral part of the life of every Slav. They provide their spiritual development as a person Dazhbog grandson, a descendant of the Gods of Light. Playing to the life-giving ceremonies for the harmonization of Rod Ruska, self-construction of the Holy Warth (Varna, states) of the Aryan society.



Rite of naming — an obligatory component of human spiritual development. The purpose of the ritual is the communion Rusin (Slav) to Great Rod Slavic and streamlining its spirit and soul. Spirit — is the quality of the person, the soul — its

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The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are combined. For what?

Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. © Photo: "BBC News"

Two financial dynasty, the British branch of the Rothschild family and the American Rockefeller family, decided to join the company engaged in investment and asset management.

British "Rothschild Investment Trust", owned by Baron Jacob Rothschild, buys 37 percent. shares of the investment company "Rockefeller Financial Services." The latter controls the familial status Rockefeller and many other U.S. wealthiest families. Seller share package serves French bank "Societe Generale". The deal has not been announced.

"Rothschild Investment Trust" in a statement released Wednesday said that an agreement facilitated personal friendships, for five

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