On the purposes of a new big war

The processes taking place at the present time in the world civilization, clearly spoke of the approach of large-scale military conflict. A striking example is the scale-up of the arms race, are celebrated in almost all parts of the world and especially in the Asia-Pacific region and the Arab world. In the eyes of changes occur that lead to significant changes in the existing system of "center — semiperiphery — periphery", which is also the cause of significant regional and global conflicts. Increasing weight gains ATP arose structure of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Russia is taking its

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Copa — Old Slavic collection

According to the precepts of ARQ state — it is a social organism, managed as a natural organism (eg, human) in two hemispheres: the left (in modern terms, "politicians") and right (wise men, was responsible for the truth). Our ancestors Slavs were much smarter than us. Are you surprised cry Slavs: "Come to reign"? We are too. Ancestors considered "not lordly thing — reign (konyazhit — ed. Sociologist)!" And all power belongs to the people (the Magi). And when the prince slept like a Brezhnev or drinking Yeltsin to address the Magi it was sacrificed to the nearest holiday.

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Throw out the TV, but rather burn it!

"I know how to get the average American to believe in what I want. I have enough control over television … you to place something on TV, and it is becoming a reality. If the world against what they see, people try to change it to make it similar to the one they see on TV … "Hal Becker,« Futures Group », 1981


We should not be surprised that in the last forty years, the main means of brainwashing technology was in motion pictures and sound recordings (television, movies, music videos) that

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Crusade against the Slavs

"We can not be saved. We will win! "- Said the fighting Serbian governor, when he realized that all his army was destined to die in this battle …

Cry of the Slavic warrior companions folded his head in battle for the glory of the motherland, still rattles alarm bell in the hearts istyh Slavs.

This call causes the Slavic tribe never for a moment forget about the threat of his death as a result of the onslaught of foreign players a new world order. If Slavs allow confusion of his spirit in the unrestrained pursuit of

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The term Paganism — illegal Judeo-Christian curses to all peoples of the Earth

The term "pagan" is used only in Christian literature [35, 47, 166, 975]. He comes from the church (which is often also incorrectly called Old Church Slavonic, the term 'Church Slavic, "see below)" tongues "-" people "," foreigners "and refers to the Christian interpretation of all non-Christian religion [166]. The term "pagan" is a general designation of all denominations, except Judaism and its sects.

(The full text is given in zhurnal.lib.ru and to internet-community "Slavic paradigm")

Christianity to paganism refers more developed and complex religious system of the civilized peoples of the ancient world: the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonians, Persians,

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Praise, Svarga, Slavs

Praise— Nav light, the lower the level of heavenly divine, home to the spirits of our ancestors. Praise is the world of the gods, and where we and our ancestors tried to get, subconsciously remembering that rusichi — children bogov.Otsyuda Orthodoxy, ancient Russian concept, has tens of thousands of years and has its roots in ancient Vedic Russian national religion, which described a world order with the concepts of "Reality" (the material world), "Nav" ( world prototype), "right" (the world forms) and "Glory" (the creative world) — (four-level structure of world order) — while the Russian people have praised

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RACE, Russian. Faith, Religion. Orthodoxy orthodoxy

He whom we men call the Great Pa-M-Ha, is the original United Unknowable Essence, Radiant Fire Zhiznrodyaschy Primary Universe (Ingle)

Before us is the word (images). What they have in common, what is the difference? Much controversy — people pronounce the words, investing in them each his own concept. There is no agreement, there is no unity. There is no unity — not the people. A crowd. Everyone is looking for the truth, but apparently it's not anywhere close, although theories — a huge set. Can ask ourselves why not? The answer is simple — it is not

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Posted by Jesus of Nazareth

Since last September, I suddenly began to visit the thought of Jesus — the savior of people and biblical Christian God. It was strange to me. I never really was interested in religions, details are not familiar with the biblical writings, did not attend religious services a few times out of curiosity or with excursions went to Christian churches, but awe and excitement of visiting experienced. I have never been able to read up to the end of the Gospel, as they were written confusing, vaguely allegorical language. And the Old Testament I felt disgusting. Something black, terrible and inhuman

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Security services blew Dnepropetrovsk?

27/04/2012 conscious community of the city, admits the idea that this explosion is planned provocation and has the purpose to intimidate the inhabitants of the city as well as to prevent the holding of public shares. In particular, on 27 April, to be held for young people jogging healthy lifestyle, and Victory Day is coming.


Blasts were prepared themselves very professional and, most likely, have been implemented intelligence service. Mossad allegedly because Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community controls and Chabad.

Recall that in April, was shot local oligarch and a member of the board of trustees of the Jewish community in

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Silent War with humanity

The truth is both simpler and more incredible than we can imagine. Satanic cult, whose main headquarters is located in London, enslaves humanity.

They worship Lucifer and are determined to redefine reality and control the planet. Having inadequate part of the world's wealth, you share it with the ignorant masses? Would not preach that God is dead, and truth and justice purely subjective? Will not indicate that the person is essentially — nothing more than an animal intended to be domesticated or killed?

Satanism has penetrated in Free Masonry and many other religions, institutions and groups. Satanists hold the

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