Life beyond the threshold

In recent times there are publications of the state experienced at the time of clinical death. Leaving his mortal body, a person sees a tunnel leading to the light, and then there are the close relatives or friends, some good luminous beings, radiating love and forgiveness. Said there, "the threshold", a paradise without the pain and misery that the earthly life and return, do not want. And suddenly there was a man who tells all in a different way …

Master's degree in the University of California at Berkeley, Howard Storm did a pretty decent academic career. For 20

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I visited one of the countless worlds

In the seventies of the last century in the Krasnodar region accelerated pace was tunneling under the ridge of the roll, which should be linked, and eventually tied the two railway stations — Extreme gap and Chilipsi. The construction of this, despite the fact that the technology penetration in hard soil were worked to perfection, went with unmotivated slip.

MPS USSR Commission, tasked to investigate the reasons Delays important facility construction, making sure that people are working at full capacity, the shock, the government introduced a corresponding report. Then on the personal instructions of LI Brezhnev investigation "Tuapse

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What awaits us after death?

Oblivion — that the worst thing in death. Comes bony, grabs his throat and … everything. What's next? Void, the unknown. In this sense, the ancient people were protected by us. Even the average Hellene clearly knew that after his death his soul to stand trial, then pass through a corridor of hell Erebus. And, if it is considered unworthy, will go straight into the Tartarus. If zarekomenduet heroic — will find immortality in the Elysian Fields of joy and bliss. Because he lived Hellene — not grieved, not knowing pangs of fear and uncertainty. What we are waiting for

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Unknown. On the verge of death

What are we going to die? Before his eyes sweeping life? We can see the light at the end of the tunnel? Feel the infinite peace? At all times and in all cultures, people have described this way. Is it possible to look beyond and come back to tell about what he saw?

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Life After Death (2012)

What is clinical death? What lies beyond the threshold of being? Recent experiments, little known facts, thoughts of scientists and clergymen, writers and mystics of the most mysterious and the most inevitable thing for all people — death.

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Where is — AD?

Hell, Purgatory, Paradise

Several years ago, stamped "Top Secret" at the National Space azronavtike (NASA) is stored sensational information. August 9, 1973 with the spacecraft "Skylab-2" astronauts sent the message, stunned all staff of the Laboratory for Space Studies USA. It said: "Hell is in the middle of the sun. We see how the burning dead. We see hell. " Communication was interrupted for a few seconds, and then the messengers of the Earth from space peredovalas usual flight data as if it was not before this sensational message.

HellNASA long 16 years denied all rumors about the

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The phenomenon of the transition to the other world

Scientists have come to God through the painful search for the truth. Those who lived through the experience of death, trust once, simultaneously. They are an amazing transformation. In some cases, they develop intuitive abilities that are beyond "normal" mentality.

But this does not mean that these people are mentally fulfilling. On the contrary, Dr. Patrick Dyuavrin (France), who studies "the phenomenon of transition," says that the psychological balance to individuals traveling "out there" above average. That in some way these people are more normal than others.

They disappeared many diseases and psychiatric conditions have been observed before. They

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23 minutes in hell. Story of a man who visited the underworld

Real video testimony of a man to whom God revealed and hell that awaits the man who did not repent of their sins after death. At 23 minutes, he was immersed in the lower parts of the earth where experienced sensations that people feel trapped in hell, was tortured demon underworld, thankfully this torment lasted only 23 minutes. Today he said that he felt and how to avoid falling after bodily death, and to be with God.

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Dead love us and wait, but asked not to rush

No one probably will not be remembered after nearly a century after the death of the Greek writer neznamenitogo Dimitrokopulo if he did not publish a new, previously unknown novel by Victor Hugo. And the French, the Greeks had no chance to own. Then how texts?

From the Hugo assured Dimitrokopulo. Personally, he did not compose them, but only recorded in a state of trance. Roguish Greeks have long tried to expose his ignorance especially French. But first fell in confusion "gyugovedy": techniques for building plot, literary style, even the nuances of language — all true. Finally silenced the

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How to make a correct death?

Love Panova — famous lovers of, clairvoyant with unique abilities. She is the author of books about the contacts with the worlds. Offer our readers a story about life after death, that love Panova got in contact with guardian angels.

There is an afterlife

All world religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) argue that our earthly life is a preparation for the one after death, a life in which the righteous go to heaven, and sinners — in Hell. Incidentally, those who believe in this or that religion is 80% of the world population. The remaining 20% (atheists), deep

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