Prohibitions. Rite of passage.

Meet the different rites of passage from one stage of life to another. That for some normal practice for other unacceptable …

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Get a dog … Paradise?

Recently, in the West are increasingly arguing as to whether our pets — pets — meet us in the hereafter. Or eternal life is given to man?

Let's start with the fact that no one Scripture says nothing about paradise for cats or dogs. So, the Lord God ztogo not foreseen. So think skeptics. Optimists also argue that the Talmud, the Bible, the Koran wrote folk, not gods. The time then was severe, and all thoughts about how to survive himself.

According to another version, God made sure that during the Flood in Noah's ark saved "every creature on

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Lethargy — imaginary death?

The line that separates life from death, deceptive and ambiguous. Who can tell where it ends and another begins? Lethargy (Greek lethargia, from lethe-«oblivion" and argia — «omission") is the imaginary death, the state of stillness, like a dream.


In humans, the two main bodies that have non-stop work for the rest of his life — the brain and the heart. When the heart stops working, people die, and when the brain is turned off, he dives into lethargy — a condition that can be fatal for him … All processes in the human body at this time

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Past Lives Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody became world famous after the publication in 1975 of his book "Life After Life", in which he analyzed the stories of people who have visited almost on the light and come to life when the doctors had already found their death. The book became an instant international bestseller, and Moody began to explore other interesting phenomenon, the so-called traveling in past lives. What was the result? Judge for yourself.

With hypnosis a person can return during childhood or adolescence and determine which event in the past hurt his psyche, had a significant impact on the mental

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Other world exists!

Swiss parapsychologist Lucius Vertmyuller known not only in his country but also around the world. In 2006 he organized in Basel congress on centenary of the birth of Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD. This congress has received considerable attention in Europe.

Famous chemist and philosopher Albert Hofmann was a close friend Vertmyullera. Their friendships, according to a parapsychologist, and did not stop after the death of Hoffman, who died in 2008. In any case, during a seance in January 2009, received from the deceased Vertmyuller Hoffman small note. Vertmyullera she moved and excited — the content of

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Through the wormhole. Can I raise the dead?

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The proof of the reliability of facts re-birth for the first time engaged the expert on criminology. At the conference, the Indian Council of criminologists Vikram Singh Chaohan of Patiyaly made a report on the results of their scientific work. He was investigating an unusual case of one child who lived in a past life in the region, Jalandhar, and after a while came to light in other rural areas.

A comparative analysis of the child's handwriting and the handwriting of another person, whom he allegedly was in a former life, Vikram Chaohan proved that they are one

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Mystery of Death

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