May 8, 2012 9:53

Necronomicon — The book, which for twelve centuries been destroyed, prosecution and decoding scientists, mystics and those who wanted to learn the secret knowledge contained in its pages. This artifact has always been shrouded in mystery and mysticism as well as containing information about the deepest fears of the people and at the same time endowed to know Him and the power of the power of texts other worlds. Ancient legends say that the first copy of the book has been written on the skin of a virgin, their blood, but it's probably only a legend.

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Face to face with a stranger

January 30, 2013 22:03

Since you are unsure whether the UFO spacecraft, we can not be sure that the aliens arrive on Earth from other planets.

Many ufologists claim that there is sufficient evidence that UFOs are indeed spacecraft, controlled by intelligent beings. In addition to reports of contact with aliens ("Close Encounters of the third kind" or CE-3), there are a variety of descriptions. Some witnesses describe things very similar to humans. In fact, they say that these things can easily blend in with the crowd on any street in any city in the world. This type of creatures

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Occult world rulers

March 3, 2012 20:23

Mystical knowledge has its origins in antiquity. Esoteric tradition says there since the days of Atlantis occult centers, which are operated by people and events with black magic. This was the secret of education, silently, but rather actively interfered in the political and economic world processes.

At the beginning of XIV century French King Philip IV the Fair was defeated Templars, which existed from the XII century, and with enormous power and influence. King attracted enormous wealth accumulated by the Order. In addition, he found that the Templars dangerous to his power. Support he gave

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Report of Milton Cooper — Secret Government and UFOs

January 29, 2012 10:33

(1947) just finished the most devastating and costly war in the history of mankind. The United States has made and applied (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), the atomic bomb, was the only of the States with a weapon capable of killing not only the enemy, but virtually the entire globe. The U.S. economy flourished in the country — the world's highest living standards. One can only imagine the confusion for themselves and concern more informed members of the government of Harry Truman, when they found out in the desert, located on the territory of New

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Shambhala in China?

January 18, 2012 14:10

We are almost ready to reject the assumption of the existence of the real geographical Shambhala, agreeing that it was primarily a "palace of wisdom within us", a special type of perception of mystical knowledge, for readability, located outside the limits of our consciousness and "placed" somewhere in the Lost Hills.

Always difficult to believe that the greatest mystery, the most ambitious and surprising revelations of esoteric knowledge within us, in a non-realized, "minimized" form. But — a push, a sudden stimulus, and we've already hit our consciousness terrific insights and are not able to believe

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Worldview of the ancient Slavs and fractal physics

December 19, 2011 7:12

Mankind has no true knowledge, so is war and arms, to solve their problems, while greatly reducing your potential survival: exploded and burned out Earth ozone layer bombings and missile firing. Scientists and governments of all countries continue to be in a serene state, although their fictional world of mechanism and mysticism long dead.

By righteous tree of knowledge, embodying the law of the unity of the three worlds: the natural, the human and the cosmic mind, no one was allowed in the last 2000 years. Therefore, in a society dominated by science and not

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Date of end of the world is found in the second Mayan calendar

November 29, 2011 9:37

Komalkalko ruins. Photo: From the website

So, the apocalypse is inevitable? MONUMENT 6

End of the world, supposedly naprorochenny ancient Maya on December 21, 2012, is haunted by the panic-mongers: after the finish — almost a year later. Fears injected and publishers publish the book with frightening names — "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl", "Apocalypse 2012: The scientific study of the end of civilization", "The Revolution of 2012: Preparation." Many people are really scared, thinking that Maya foresaw the end of the world and thus completed their schedule a specific date. Search Google

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Greetings from the dead

January 10, 2013 10:11

After the death of people continue to sort things out and fall in love.

Lovers tickle nerves remember how watching the film "White Noise", afraid to lift up the phone and see the noise on the TV screen: what voices from the other world to break into broadcasting. The plot of the thriller — the absolute mystery, but there are enthusiasts who claim to establish contact with "the next world" is quite real. In their archives — thousands of votes held by the departed people. Special equipment helps detect messages from the "subtle

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Belovodye — the country of happiness, the dream of humanity

February 17, 2013 23:27

Indestructible in the human pursuit of happiness and freedom. Goodness and beauty, patience and wisdom, the lack of back-breaking labor and joyless, prosperity and security for themselves and their families — the age-old dream of mankind.

But can such a place where there is already a fair world order is? There can not be such a wonderful country, where all the wise and beautiful, where life is arranged according to the laws of beauty and justice!

And this country is! And her name — Belovodye.

Country fair

Especially a lot of talk about

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Psychotronic weapons for use on the masses

December 5, 2012 0:50

Psychotronic experiments on unsuspecting people held in secret for some time.

Today people play in an undeclared war of consciousness, which for lack of information, many are unaware.

Some countries have already been very successful in the development of ways to influence the mind and nervous system of humans by technical means — unfortunately, only to manipulate them for their own purposes.

Among the technologies used for this — short and ultra-short waves, which are made of television and radio broadcasting and mobile communications, as well as infrasonic waves and new development, partly based

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