Zeta underground base at Dulce and Reptilians (USA)

November 15, 2012 3:57

Base shared US-Zeta, built under the Treaty "in 1954 Greada Treaty». While some researchers were already more than two dozen bases reliably is to date only two: the base at Dulce (Dulce Base) and Area 51 (Area 51, Dreamland, Groom Lake, S-4, Watertown Streep, Paradise Ranch, The Box).

Being built for the purpose of the transfer of technology from the Zetas U.S. government, each of the bases, however, has its own sphere of specialization. The base at Dulce specializes in genetic experiments (Genetic Experiments) and experiments on mind control (Mind Control). The main

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Earthly wars provoke parasites podselentsy

All of human history is based on constant wars. And wars are as global as a confrontation involved a lot of countries, and local, local, when at war, for example, a neighbor to neighbor. And the passion in these small conflicts often flare up is not human.

Often, wars are between employees and some firms. There is another common example: the war women for the man. And often some of the competitors running to a magician or fortuneteller. And then begins Astral War. But in principle, it is believed that any of the

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The experiments were classified as «top secret»

Most mysterious experiments of people, full of rumors, speculation and controversy. But no smoke without fire is not known to happen ….

EXPERIMENT "MILLER"First of all, with the exception of the work of alchemists who tried to bring an artificial creature in vitro, truly scientific experiment in this area conducted in the 1950s, the American student chemist Stanley Miller. He suggested that life began in an atmosphere of ancient Earth thanks to the synthesis of complex molecules during lightning discharges. Stanley Fill a large glass bowl with water, methane, hydrogen, ammonia, and began to pass through the medium discharges.

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In the Large Hadron Collider, making a movie about zombies

Group of physics students making a film inside the Large Hadron Collider. Characteristically, it's a horror film. Horror film that exploits the most "popular" general lack of public fears, which is waiting for the "black hole of antimatter," then some more shit from these "bloody obrazovantsev" which zamstilos Higgs boson search in the world.

Film «Decay» («The collapse") is very malobyudzheten (2000 euros), lifted virtually everyday camera Canon 5D Mark 2. Main idea is to ensure that use the "ideal place for a zombie movie", and remove the same zombie movie in the corridors of the LHC.

"Disintegration" begins

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Bookmakers take bets on the end of the world

Some thought to the bookmaker to open specially for the apocalypse.

According to some projections, the apocalypse will happen on December 21, 2012. Among the circumstances of the occurrence of this event are extraterrestrial life, space, natural or man-made disaster.

Bookmakers consider this unlikely event, so no firm does not accept bets on that end of the world will not.

On this you can earn, but if most organized betting. Money can be taken now, and the win certainly is not necessary. The probability of an event

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A step towards death. A step towards life 1 Series 2 Series 19. 02. 2013

Is there a suicide gene? And who is the main risk? Is it possible to instill the idea of suicide, that life is not really so bad, that in any situation really find out? Answers to these questions are trying to find the authors of the documentary, which consists of two parts — "A step towards death" and "Step toward life."

If you believe the forecasts of the World Health Organization, today from suicide kills more people than the wars and murders combined. But — why? Tragic despair, silent suffering, proud rejection. It may seem that suicide is literally

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Marina Golub received threats shortly before his death

Marina Golub death was sudden and tragic. Started to speak: no mystery just not done. Too many strange and mysterious coincidences. In addition, in recent months, the actress led investigation into the murder of her lover.

To understand whether the death was an accident Marina Golub, assassinations or mystical story, in which he called her a favorite for themselves, tried to understand the leading NTV Svetlana Kuritsyna.

Numerologist Kuzdenbaeva Clara says: death of Marina Golub has been encrypted in the figures. According to her, the day of the death of the actress was her rock. The same opinion

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Deceived sperm donors in Sevastopol came to the rally

Young and strong men, filled a jar of his own sperm, promised good money. But they, "waving a shovel" is not got nothing.

In Crimea there was an incredible story, starring were young strong men. Sperm donors to protest in Sevastopol — they have not paid the promised fee. Initially, the announcement of light work for good money, many responded, but now loud penalty claim only the bravest dare.

He learned NTV correspondent Airat Shavaliev men lured posters "Nice work — decent pay." A resident of one of the first Anatoly pecked on the ad. I went back home

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People — cyborgs

More recently, the word "cyborg" (cybernetic organism) was known only to scholars and lovers of fiction. The term appeared in 1980 with a light hand working on the problem of human survival beyond Earth engineer Manfred Clynes and Nathan Wedge psychiatrist. A new word has come into literature and sounded from the screens. His famous "cyborg" must movie "RoboCop." Human Machine Alex Murphy has set mankind question: is there a real possibility of becoming wee people cybernetic organisms?

It all started with the prosthesis

The loss of any part of the body is always difficult to read man. And

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Norwegian court ruled: ghosts do not exist!

Norway has hosted an amazing trial. The essence of it, at first glance, is extremely simple. The buyer is going to buy a mansion in the vicinity of the town VINSTRA (260 km from Oslo), and even signed a contract for the sale, could only send money through the bank. But then he changed his mind and said the termination of the transaction. And the agent filed a negligent client in court.

Once a ghost has not come to court, so it is not!

But what were the reasons for the refusal of a property? It turns out that

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