Genocide of Humanity (2012)

What is this movie? The fact that on the surface, so close and so obvious, but no one sees. The leaders of the so-called higher-level officials, have long since become of "public servants" servants of other forces, the purpose of which — the use of mankind in their own interests, with its stupefying and turning into a tool for their evil designs. Many people now reject his choice, because the level of their intelligence drops sharply.

And many believe that they make the choice, not even realizing that there is a chain of actions by the government, forcing them

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18 largest buyouts in history

In movies of course you have heard that the government "will not go to negotiate with the kidnappers," but in reality, the ransom for the kidnapped people are paid fairly common.

Rich heirs, wealthy businessmen, oil tankers — all of them from time to time become targets of kidnappers. A large number of these stories took place in the early seventies — especially in Argentina.

Here is a list kept a mystery if the facts are not indulged in foreclosure made public. It also does not include cases that occurred prior to the modern era — like most real

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Crime and Punishment: Sexual Tyrants (2012)

Foreign sex tourism exists as a legal industry. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to toughen penalties for organizing brothels, however, law enforcement efforts to combat prostitution малоэффективны.Проституток from former Soviet republics in countries such as Israel and Turkey are called "Natashas." In Ukraine, in 2012 released information about a former "Miss Lions" as Organizer export of sex slaves. Only in 2012 was recruited 200 women aged 16 to 25 years and sent to the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Over the entire period of the group for sexual exploitation have been sold more than 500 Ukrainians.

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Russian sensation: Do not leave me, Mama (2012)

She was offered an abortion, was advised to give up the child, but she made her choice.This baby as they waited for a miracle, and they themselves were waiting sidelong glances and the pain that is now always in my heart.

Evelyn Bledans, her long-awaited little happiness and a bold recognition of her wounded soul.And also — the beloved children of heroes, who were born not the same as everything.Lolita, Ia Savva and other folk artists and the pain of their wounded hearts.

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New Shocking Asia: The nightmare continues. Doc. film

In this, the film shows the shock viewers: — Bloody dog fights,— Ultimate fighting between women— very extreme sports— surgical sex reassignment surgery,— exotic dishes, from which can only feel sick at the civilized man,— rituals sadists— human corpses are used as containers for drugs and much more ..

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6 most outrageous scientific experiments on children

What if for the sake of humanity, say, cancer need to briefly leave several frightened children in the wild? And just to satisfy scientific curiosity? Do you think the answer is obvious? Alas, not all. Some scientists do not see anything wrong with that for the sake of science …

1. To take children to the wild woods and set on each other

In 1954, the Turkish psychologist Muzafer Sheriff thought: what would happen if the two groups of children to throw in a remote deserted place and make enmity with one another?

Another way to satisfy scientific curiosity

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NEW rage — snake tongue!

Today, it is little surprise anyone pierced navel, lips, nipples and even genitals. Piercing that a few years ago was only the most exotic fad "advanced" youth, today nearly always do in specialized stores in urban and rural areas.

"Fashion trick"

"However," progress "is not static, and the top of the" advancement of young people today thinks … forked tongue! Acquire they can with the special surgery. Language on each side of clamp forceps, and then make a longitudinal section of a red-hot in the fire with a scalpel, and then inserted between the two halves of the specially

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Coming insurrection monkeys?

British scientists are concerned about the experiments that their colleagues around the world are on animals. During the experiments, the researchers transplanted our younger brothers, especially monkeys, human tissues and genes. This, in turn, could lead to a dangerous humanizing animals: they will have the mind like our own, and even be able to talk!

Therefore, researchers need to develop new ethical and legal rules governing such experiments. "We have to submit the matter to the public before something irreparable happens," — says geneticist at Cambridge University, Professor Martin Bobrou.

British Academy of medical scientists, as the concerns of the

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Cast favorites

In pursuit of youth aging moneybags are willing to pay millions. Cunning physicians skillfully use the legitimate aspirations of the oligarchs to prolong life through technology.


"I was twenty years younger. I feel a surge of energy and optimism, smoothed wrinkles, double chin disappeared, increased efficiency, and thinning gray hair was black and thickens. Hair began to grow rapidly. Take it as a miracle, "- said in a recent interview with the infamous millionaire noble beekeeper razvorotlivy pharmacist and alcoholic tycoon Vladimir Bryntsalov. In this spectacular and really cheerful ex-deputy of the State Duma and former candidate for

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The most crazy experiments ever carried out!

Science has given us countless modern wonders of laser beams, space travel to the super absorbent, soft as a feather toilet paper. But over the last few years is not a single scientist has gone the way of useful scientific inventions and took crazy, delusional research.

But no one in his madness did not go further than these people:

Wilhelm Reich studied the effects of sex on the weather

Psychoanalyst, who in the 1940s was really fixated on sexuality, Wilhelm Reich believed that the human libido has its own type of crazy energy shi kung fu. He called it

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