Mexico is waiting for the influx of tourists to the December 21, 2012 — the date of the end of the world according to the Mayan

The Mexican government plans to use the prediction of the ancient Maya civilization of the 2012 end of the world to attract tourists from abroad, Tourist Information agency reports with reference to the country's Minister of Tourism, Gloria Guevara.

"In the world there is a huge interest in the events, the expected December 21, 2012, when the Mayans predicted doomsday. Many foreign tourists would like this day to be in Mexico and personally test the predictions of the ancient Indian civilization, and we are ready to satisfy their curiosity, "- said Guevara.

Mexico's tourism minister said that

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In China, began selling tickets for «Noahs Ark 2012»

In China, began selling tickets for "Noah's Ark 2012" — the fear of the people before the end of the world is so strong that it is used by fraudsters. The cost of each ticket — one million yuan.

In China, after the earthquake in Japan in all major cities panic, residents bought salt, soy sauce, and even pickles, but because salt can supposedly protect the body from radiation.

As reported by the Hong Kong newspaper "Minbaev", one of the largest Chinese Internet portals "Sinlan" announced the sale of tickets for the "Noah's Ark — 2012," and even noted the

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British Doctors: 3000 patients died due to negligence

In two years, more than three thousand patients have died due to the negligence of doctors, lack of medicine and banal care — to the extent that the patients drank water from vases to quench their thirst. Vases, characteristically, the wards were — everything looked fine.

More than three thousand patients, "suddenly" died in the five branches of the National Health Fund of Great Britain in the last two years. British Prime Minister David Cameron asked to check 20 hospitals, reports the Daily Telegraph.

On Wednesday, a report was published, containing more than 1700 pages, under which thousands of

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Terra Al Qaeda. (2013)

Al-Qaeda. Most sinister terrorist organization in the world. Her fear, her destruction thrown armies. As she came out of hiding, and gained his power, who now makes her series — bearded thugs and religious fanatics? In search of answers NTV special correspondent Vadim Fefilov went to where flies the black flag of jihad … Three of the continent, thousands of miles and months of negotiations …. To get to the stronghold of Al-Qaeda is no easy task. In bypassing the checkpoints of the regular army, a land of warlike tribes NTV film crew on a journey to risk their lives

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American tried to resurrect his father

48-year-old resident of Detroit (USA, Michigan) stole the body of his recently buried 93-year old father of the mausoleum at the cemetery and put it in the freezer, located in the basement of the house, where police found him. His action man explains that wanted to make a corpse … the ritual of resurrection! Is this man insane?

Clarence Bright's body is not buried immediately, and placed in a cemetery mausoleum, as the ground was too wet for burial. The funeral took place on Saturday, and on Monday morning, officials of the

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A Chinese zoo visitor to death killed a ostrich. Video

You should not think that the animals in the zoo are safe. It turns out the barred cage on a well protected area can not always save them. There are cases where animals are killed by the fact that visitors feed them foods that animals are contraindicated. A visitor to the zoo in the Chinese city of Shaoguan even death could tear it, at first glance, a strong creature, like an ostrich, reports The Atlantic Wire.

For some unknown reason to stop sadistic nobody dared. Although, according to local media reports, the man committed murder bird in front of

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The Chinese have learned to fake shark fins

In China, no one is surprised by synthetic eggs and rice, as well as made of pork or beef grape wine without grape juice. Recently found that the PRC massively selling shark fins, which are also close resemblance, have nothing to do with these marine predators.

According to the publication, "Zhejiang Online", after numerous complaints about the large number of fake shark fin market, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce of Zhejiang Province has investigated in this area.

Beginning in December of last year, officers checked 617 distributors shark fins and 316 catering establishments in which the fins are

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Rat meat for baldness

Not so long ago in Germany published a list of the most extravagant restaurants in the world. The first place in this list awarded institution "Marton."

In one of Beijing's restaurants today, you can enjoy (if that word is appropriate here) penises and testicles of yaks, donkeys, oxen and even seals. Orders are taken by trained nutritionists and waitresses that explain menu items and dishes praise from the medical point of view.

The main visitors fashionable restaurant — men. They blindly believe that eating foreign members will help them increase their. Or, at least, virility. Rare women

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10 of the most famous modern cannibals

1. Dorangel Vargas

Known as the "Hannibal Lecter of the Andes." He was placed in a psychiatric hospital in 1995, the year after the remains of a missing person was found in his home. But Vargas released two years later. In 1999, police in San Cristobal (Venezuela) again found human remains at Vargas, this time at least ten skulls and human intestines. Vargas admitted that he ate human bodies, but denied charges of murder, saying that the bodies were transferred to him already dead. This statement led to the hypothesis that Vargas used as a cover for the illegal sale

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10 unusual deaths in 2012

People are dying every day. Most of them go to the other world casually and quietly, and some leave behind a long discussion in the press and on the Internet. In this short list of weird and wonderful collection of death in 2012.

10. 29-year-old Olga Gaikovich died in hospital, after a brick that had fallen out of a drive-by "Kamaz", punched through the windshield Audi and hit her right in the head.

9. Adaysha Miller, 24, of Detroit, died after she hugged a policeman at a party in honor of his birthday, leaving the gun in the holster

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