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The evil genius of man

Sometimes the evil genius of man creates such, as it is impossible to speak without a shudder. Such acts include craft komprachikosov. Once upon a time in Europe roamed this strange tribe, which includes people from different countries. Unites these people quite creepy fish — buying similar. But the worst has already started after the dealers get their goods …

Hunters for children

"Who knows these days the word" komprachikosy "? Who understand its meaning? "- French writer Victor Hugo wrote the phrase in XIX century. And in the XXI century, the word is known, perhaps, only to fans

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Tickets for the ark, and tours in paradise as entrepreneurs earn at the end of the world

Russian businessmen are trying to monetize the apocalypse

According to sociological research company Ipsos Global Public Affairs, doomsday in their lifetime waiting 14% of the world population, but 10% of people with sure disaster happens projected Mayan Indian — December 21, 2012 — that is, less than a month. Russia is one of the most pessimistic countries: here waiting for the end of the world 13% of the population, specify the sociologists. People's attitudes have already affect the domestic consumer market. A growing number of people offering themed products and services.

Three weeks ago, Tomsk wedding agency "Marina Mendelssohn"

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Americans are ready to fight zombies

A few weeks before the end of the world, U.S. residents are massively buying weapons, fearing that the zombies take over the planet.

According to The Huffington Post, the FBI recorded a growth in sales of firearms in the country by 20%. The fear of the undead support manufacturers of ammunition.

"A lot of people are really scared by this development in the case of the end of the world. I've seen a whole series of targets in the form of a zombie. At least two companies that produce ammunition boxes of offer, which they call rounds

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Pay taxes and die quietly

"Inevitably, only death and taxes"Benjamin Franklin

As a child, we laughed at the incredible tax on rain, snow, hail, and even the air is introduced by Prince Lemon of "Adventures Cipollino." However, adult life convinces us that the fantasy of modern legislators involved taxation, much richer than the storytellers …

Tax on rain

When there is no money, the authorities are beginning to look for new ways to replenish the coffers. And Lithuania, alas, is no exception. In September, as soon as the rainy season, the authorities in search of Klaipeda patches emaciated city treasury decided to impose a

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Education in the Indian way: child abuse — in the order of things

The British newspaper The Telegraph published a story on bullying, Indian students who suffer from their mentors. It turned out that refined cruelty to children — a common occurrence for local teachers.

Recently in the press got the story of 13-year-old girl from New Delhi that the teacher forced to strip, charged with petty theft. The suspected woman schoolgirl stole 15 euros and a cell phone from a classmate. Then, a warning to others, the teacher made the child take off all your clothes and go to school naked. Relatives of the girls told me that when he got home,

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Party «Will» will protect Russians from reptiles from the planet Nibiru

After a four-year review of the Ministry of Justice finally registered party "Will" under the direction of Samara healer, Ph.D. William Shakespeare.

Under the program, the party will fight against the corrupting influence of the West on Russia, for the recovery of agriculture, increased child benefits and other measures against the "degeneration of the Russian people." After "Will"able to officially register, the total number of parties in Russia today was equal forty-two.

Party leader William Shakespeare calls himself a healer. She has written several books on the "drug-free recovery." According to its prediction, in 2012 at the

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