Soda magic rituals

February 7, 2012 22:51

Sodytsya or soda — so called in Mordovia sorcerers and enchantment, healers and fortune-tellers. These people believe in the magical power of Mordovia villages. They come to learn the fate of, bewitch favorite or lucky draw. In each case at the soda has a ritual …

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

February 3, 2012 20:59

Chauvet Cave in southern France, is closed to public access, as more than 300 drawings of the different animals in it are the oldest examples of cave art in the world, and any significant change in humidity in the cave can cause damage.

UFO — Norway, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012 14:34

Time: 08.33 am Direction: South Location: Samnanger, Norway

Found a newborn robot

January 27, 2012 16:53

Video uploaded to YouTube, which pulls the handle and legs Sucitu little robot, a few days looked more than half a million people. Someone with pleasure, and someone with horror. Very much like "Baby" on the living. Lies, if he threw some poor single mother. And good people picked up and now do not know what to do with the monster.

Where is it? Why? To scare people?

Enthusiasts managed to answer these questions. They even found a baby daddy. They found one, Chris Clark (Chris Clarke) — known in the UK designer

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Mysteries of UFOs. The most compelling evidence

December 8, 2011 14:32

The truth about UFO: Secret experiments aliens

March 18, 2012 18:03

On materials channel RENTV.

Wonders of the Solar sistemy.4-series. Dead or alive

January 13, 2012 16:14

Directed and written by Paul Olding. Operator Christopher Titus King. Even the huge volcano Mauna Kea will dwarf and completely hidden in the shadow of the highest mountain of the solar system — an extinct volcano Olympus on Mars, a height of 27 kilometers. But miracles do not happen only on the surface of planets.

Real fairies and elves

May 17, 2012 21:12

All photos — original, unaltered images taken with the Canon PowerShot 1000, and is usually 400 or 800 ISO …

After years of research the Internet to find images of light beings that are similar to those found in my photos, I decided to create a video montage. This is — an extensive montage of images of brightly lit, winged creatures, from different areas of fairies.

The light that emit these magical little creatures, very intense. They are as bright as the full moon in the photos. The traditional fairies no antennas. Several

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Japanese Princess revelation about 2012

January 7, 2012 22:16

2012. New time

January 2, 2012 22:38

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