Children — Consumers: Commercialization of Childhood

The film "Children Consumers" is desperately trying to shed light on the multi-billion dollar operation ruthless marketing machine, which today sells kids and their parents everything from the harmful fast food and violent video games and finishing with bogus educational programs for families, and cars are obese.


Among health professionals, advocates, and industry insiders share their opinion about the sharp rise of child marketing in the absence of government control, showing how youth marketers have used the latest advances in psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to transform American children into one of the most powerful

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Slaves — a new class of Russian society


Slave labor is much cheaper, decided entrepreneur from Kostroma and organized a small business using free labor. Employees searched among the homeless, and for the slightest offense beat.

A few months ago in a forest near Kostroma businessman Alexander Soloviev organized the production of charcoal. The people who worked here, investigators believe were actually slaves: Here lived a shed for the slightest offense to beat the boss. Employees for your company Solovyov was looking mainly among the homeless. Meet on the street, promised good pay and housing. That will fall into slavery, these people

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Sleeping pill kills

People who take sleeping pills at least twice a month, run the risk of serious health and life. U.S. scientists calculated that the sedative pill increases the risk of sudden death in 4 times. These conclusions were employees of the California Family Center of sleep, watching over the 2 years of the state of 10 thousand volunteers who regularly took pills at night. The mortality rate among them is much higher than in the control group. Specialists claim that preparations containing phenazepam and zolpidem, each year lead to the death of about 500 thousand Americans. According to

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Is the State Duma finally seen the light?

The State Duma propose to ban the use of alcoholic beverages to 21 years. A bill to increase from 18 to 21 years of age citizens, which allowed sale and consumption (drinking) of alcohol and alcohol-containing products, introduced on Friday in the lower house.

"Today the Russian legislation envisages the purchase of alcoholic beverages on their own with the majority, ie, with the achievement of 18 years of age. However, according to sociological and psychological research, the 18-year-olds are not in a position to make an informed decision on the issue of alcohol use and alcohol consumption are usually influenced

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Prirodolyubie. The forest is a temple. Living Earth Vedas

Man was originally endowed with a sense of enthusiasm, wisdom and goodness of the universe. The universe, which is in perpetual kolovraschenii, uncreatable and indestructible. It is valuable and self-sufficient. Nature — is not only forests and lakes, it's a living, the entire Cosmos. This is something that surrounds us, is the primary medium, without which it is full, is not burdened by anything existence, physical and spiritual health of the unthinkable.

From "Night of Svarog"

From Pocono centuries, nature was a living temple for our ancestors. They did Svyatodeystva Rites and in the Holy Groves and

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Russia ranked first in the world in teenage suicide

1,500 children in three years: Russia ranked first in the world in teenage suicide. In Moscow are investigating the tragedy at the Warsaw highway. The night before, there is a 12 storey residential building jumped teenager. According to preliminary data, the boy decided to commit suicide after a conversation with his father, who was summoned to the school. A similar incident occurred two days ago in a Moscow Lobnya. It jumped from the roof of high-rise two eighth-grader. As the commissioner to the President for Child Rights Pavel Astakhov, Russia now ranks first in the world in teen suicide.

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School bags cause diseases in the spine and nervous system


Experts of the Australian Chiropractic Association found that 90% of students could cause serious back injuries due to portfolios that are incorrectly reported

Children and adolescents is facing premature degeneration of the skeletal system, dysfunction of the nervous system, and may even end with a disability.

Blame disproportionately large load on the back of the child. At this age there is a growth and development of the major body systems. The result is the health problem, says expert Billy Chow.

Observations of the 346 students from Adelaide have demonstrated that 90% of them, as they

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Advertising chipizatsii from British Medical

According to the British The Telegraph, January 17, in September 2012 in the UK will be available in "smart" pill that will guide patients on how best to carry out a prescription, and to take their medication. It is a microchip that transmits information to a receiver embedded in plaster, are fixed on the shoulder or hand of the patient. WHO data show that half of patients do not take medication properly, putting their health at risk. Unused drugs annually "eat" in the National Health Service of Great Britain 400 million pounds. As the developers say, microchip monitors the time

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British political correctness — the power of idiots, criminals and religious fanatics

Cornwall police … forbidden to say "gypsy skirt". Instead instructed to use "skirt adventurer."

On the drive … with a record of "Tales of Mother Goose" change the ending "Humpty Dumpty", "All the King's horses and all the king's men can not bolt, Humpty Dumpty, Humpty Dumpty-lift" to "Humpty Dumpty counted to ten and again at jumped the wall. "

Schools are encouraged … Edinburgh reset account of football matches, if one team suddenly starts ahead of rivals in 5 goals, and add to the team loses two players.

Children's club … that pirate themed party, forbade its members to

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SAVE-God or the good-I Give?

Slavlenie Gods. Photo from

How often do we say the word thanks and almost never reflect on its true meaning? But, as you know, the words — it sounded thought and thought — are material and have such a nature — implemented, even if we do not know anything about it. Laws of the universe has not been canceled, and we can understand or use them, or not knowing, and even worse from ignorance (not wanting to know) how to harm themselves and those around us.

Many people know that words are not only carry the image,

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