Secret heritage of their ancestors: dolls, cast out evil

Dolls — lore. Photo:

Modern medicine has a lot, but, alas, not all. Why does not hurt to remember the old ways of protection from ailments that were in use in our ancestors — protecting them from disease. To some this may seem frivolous, but you see, our ancestors were healthier this generation.

Every work requires love

In Russia, has long made doll charms. And each doll was his destiny and his own name. Make "doll health" and everyone can, the main thing — do it with love and a belief that it will certainly help.

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Mystery of blue blood noble creatures

Archaeologists have discovered the stone face of the idol of Pristina, which dates back to the fifth millennium BC. The researchers believe that the find is one of the most important artifacts of the period of the Stone Age art. Vinca culture, despite its remarkable antiquity in relation to other European Neolithic cultures of the time, was so advanced and civilized, that can be attributed to the culture of the "Bronze Age". The local population is engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, weaving clothes, cereal and grapes. But it is very curious, for archaeologists had dug near the town Plochnik

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Habitat — How much are the baby?

Today, pregnancy and childbirth have become expensive. But for this happy and important event — the birth of a child — we do not regret the money. Sometimes these are doctors, course organizers expectant mothers and maternity clothing manufacturers, trying to cash in on the family way women.

We figured out where to put the mother-cheap how to choose courses for pregnant and how you can save on delivery without harm. Gymnastics, the course "easy delivery " and lectures about motherhood. It is a program offered by most centers for the birth. But there is

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A.V.Trehlebov.Seminar Protective Mantras

Protective mantras, hymns and slavleniya to remove obstacles in attaining health, success, power, wealth, luxury and fame. Good mantra, of course you need to know. — Club readers and edinomyshlennikov.Zdes Vedagoru can ask a question, get the latest news and download the lecture.



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Halls of the Slavic-Aryan Yoga


What do you know about the Slavic-Aryan Yoga? I do not think a lot and this is a logical explanation. The fact that the system of the Slavic-Aryan Yoga has never been made public until today it has been preserved thanks to communities Kapenov-Ynglings.

Many believe that the birthplace of yoga is India. This is not entirely true. In India, yoga was a "new life" and a new development, but initially the yoga system was introduced in India Kapenov-Ynglings from modern-day Eurasia during the legendary expedition of Rama (Rama's campaign you can read in the

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Symptoms of snake colonization

While half of Russian fairy tales, stories related to the idea zmeeborchestva when Hercules (Ivan Tsarevich) fights with the Serpent Gorynych (Tsmokom, Gad, a many-headed miracle-Udoma), some still doubt the Slavs in the presence of a highly developed reptilian race and its impact on our life. Consider co-mor Reptilians on obvious examples.

1. The childhood of man. The most popular song, which is sung in Russian families at children's birthday party, song Crocodile Gena (Reptilians-genetics), "Let the pedestrians run clumsily through puddles …". Note for formatting human reptilian frames taken from a child! What ideas we advanced through this cartoon?

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Traditional Russian culture. Family, child

According to Fr. Alexander (Head of Old Church Slavic Orthodox — Old Believers), before giving birth in the water bath at home. He was considered the husband responsible to come from, who fathered nine children. Father took birth, in the font. Next, the child presented with the sun at dawn, put in the cradle. Placenta is not cut. Overtighten the umbilical cord of male, female hair and linen, then cut (after showing the sun).

Conception of a husband and wife were engaged in the daytime and not at night to a great force, going from Yarily — Sun (The name

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In antenatal Belarus will broadcast films about abortion


At antenatal screens may appear, from which women will be encouraged not to have abortions. Such a decision by the end of the joint project "right to life" to prevent abortions came Belarusian Ministry of Health workers and volunteers of the Belarusian Orthodox Church.

The result of a six-month pilot project, "Right to Life" was to save at least 14 children, mothers who were sent to abortion. Volunteers who took part in the campaign, worked in six antenatal Minsk, they communicated with the women who were going to terminate the pregnancy, provided all possible support to

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Gynecology in Russia has become a weapon of genocide

In the implementation of human rights activities were able to identify another way to genocide of the Russian people fascist vandals seized power in the country. When she comes to the antenatal clinic for pregnancy, she naively believes that is as highly qualified professionals to ensure the health of her and her unborn child. In this case, the patient's condition is close to the concept of "helpless." At this point, it and its power to capture the murderous sectarian, or those whom they are being manipulated without their knowledge. If you are lucky not to get on a short term

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Avian influenza — biological weapons?

The staff of the Committee on Biosafety USA hesitate to publish a report on the study of the avian flu. The fact that the work is described in detail exactly which mutation generate pandemic. There is no guarantee that this information will not use terrorists to infect the deadly strain of millions of people.

Until now it was known that, although the virus H5N1 kills more than 50 percent of the infected, it is not able to be transmitted from person to person. The most common route of infection — is the consumption of the meat of sick birds. However,

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