Opinion on the Russian mentality

Remember, Russian — who are you? Who's Your Daddy? What is your faith?

Just say, that this is not a scientific work, and personal opinion based on information taken from very different in their outlook of the authors. Including representatives of the genre "fantasy." The names of many, like work, where I thought that interest have been identified, I do not remember. But do try to develop the idea, which has already resulted in his post on one of the branches.

What is the Russian mentality, where it came from and whether it is a curse to the

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Briefly about the tradition of wedding rings

Wedding rings — one of the most enduring traditions of humanity. However, some chiropractors believe that wearing them all the time, not removing, harmful to health. What is the history of this custom?

Recent scientific studies have shown that the constant wearing of tight rings adversely affect the acupuncture points are located on our fingers. This view is at odds with the history of these traditional ornaments. Where did this custom? Disputes over whether, how could actually came down the tradition of wedding rings are maintained to this day. Some sources speak of the tradition to wear the ring during

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Against Naro-orphans use of punitive psychiatry

Statement to the Prosecutor General of the journalist of "Nara-News." © Ridus.ru

With children's homes often treated cruelly: beaten, abused and deprived of anything, is punished. However, in recent times against the children have begun using "punitive psychiatry" — for disobedience orphanages are sent to psychiatric hospitals.

So, in September of this year, correspondents Narofominsk newspaper "Naro-News" decided to check the status of one of the inmates Sofinskogo orphanage. September 5 from there ran a 12-year-old boy Alex Chervinsky. They searched for him the police, the announcement of a missing child in the newspapers "Nara-News."

On the

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Lies about the Evil Empire

• Where the system of Russian Empire — all the people survived. And completely preserved — including language, culture and literature. Where the culture was missing — it came under Russian (Soviet) influence. Where no medicine, education — they appeared. Everything and everyone is alive.

Question — at what method combining people live normally?

• For those who are misunderstood — some facts. Evenki, Tungus, Buryatia, Tuva, Karelia, Komi, Mordovians, Kazakhs, and hundreds more on the list — all there is now, more of them. Who has not had the alphabet — was given. Those who did not have doctors

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Obama administration plans to make children vaccinated against anthrax

Now that's very interesting … The influential newspaper "Washington Post" published, the Obama administration's statement that all children in the United States, should be vaccinated against — Anthrax to the threat of a biological terrorist attack … Moreover, the statement emphasizes the fact that the vaccine must be made to all healthy children.

Two variants of vaccination:

1) Compulsory vaccination of all healthy children 2) wait for a biological attack will happen and start collecting data on children whose parents voluntarily willing to allow vaccination against anthrax in the face of real danger.

The administration of U.S. President wrote

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From Russia make incubator for growing children for sale

October 21, the State Duma of the second reading of the draft law "On the basis of the health of citizens of the Russian Federation." It planned a lot of unexpected innovation: in particular, to legalize surrogacy, placing it on a commercial basis. Also allowed children donation — organ transplantation.

Parents will have another surprise: they will not be allowed to influence the health of the child upon reaching 15 years of age. In this age medical history becomes a teenager medical secret, closed to parents. Members of the public who had gathered on the eve of the "round table",

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Churchman proposed tax on childlessness

It's no secret that children in Russia can not everyone. Not only for health reasons, but also because the revenues do not allow. If the idea become a reality, the number of those who can afford children, will be even less …

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church offers to return the tax on childlessness — this time arguing that the need to care for orphans.

The name of this churchman Dimitry Smirnov, he has a blog.

Vaccination regulates fertility


Today, vaccination is widely promoted as a panacea for all ills. If it is taking care of our health, why in our clinics have to wait for months to turn an immunologist or endocrinologist, and no queues for vaccination …

Part of the movie "Through the apocalypse. The World Government (Series 8) » See full.

In Germany, the patients will be identified with a chip card

In Germany, launched a new medical card patients. Before the end of the year it should get ten percent of Germans have a mandatory insurance.

Initially, the card will be entered only the data the same card compulsory insurance fund to which all patients. This insurance number, the status of the name, address and gender.

In the future, the "health card" is supposed to keep all the medical data necessary medical first aid. For example, information on chronic diseases, allergies, intolerance to medications and blood group, writes chaspik.spb.ru

The microchip volume of 32 kilobytes to hold up to

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Number of mental disorders in Europe is growing

The results of recent studies of German psychologists have shown that about 160 million Europeans suffer from mental illness — about 40 percent of the population of Europe. According to the German weekly Der Spiegel, sociologists from Dresden made a list, which includes the most common mental illness that affects people of Europe.

Employees of the Dresden University of Technology say that more than 162 million people throughout Europe are suffering from mental illness. Most of them are the result of epidemics of depression and drug abuse, shaking Europe for many years. German sociologists have analyzed the

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