Health Ministry stopped the vaccination of children Russian drug EntseVir

Russia has suspended the vaccination of children against encephalitis drug "EntseVir" because of the large number of complications after vaccination.

In the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an official letter from the Deputy Chief Minister Veronika Skvortsova, which aims for health leaders in the region. According to it, the necessary steps must be taken before 15 May 2011.

The decision to suspend the vaccination "Entsevirom" adopted makes it possible for the fact that in some regions of the vaccinated children have been reported "adverse vaccine reactions."

For example, in the Vologda region after mass vaccination in 3 schools, health deterioration

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Former Libyan rebels on the verge of mass suicide

Former Libyan rebels on the verge of mass suicide rebels found themselves after the overthrow Gaddafi without means, the authorities are threatening mass suicide …

Libyan city of Misrata, known as an arena of bloody battles during the revolution that overthrew the last year Gaddafi is facing an acute crisis of veterans' mental health, conflict-scarred, broken and devastated by the consequences. The reports from the BBC Libyan city of Misrata told about large groups of young people in distress, suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Local mental health clinics can not cope with the influx of patients who are in a

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Walpurgis Night or Zhivin day?

Like going to the Witch Coven of different films have an idea many because at the Sabbath will not be mentioned. I talk a little about Zhivinom day, the celebration of which I once had the opportunity to participate. Unforgettable beautiful! Unfortunately, I have not kept a video from the festivities, but never anything more beautiful, I was not involved, either before or after. So Zhivin day.

It is always celebrated on the night of 30 Kvetnaya (April 30) at 1 herb (01 May). Alive or Zhivena — the goddess of spring, fertility, birth, and grain. She — the daughter

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Where did the cat

Once roamed Velez, cattle god, on the ground and stopped in the evening at the haystacks night. In his knapsack he had bread, and at night a mouse-norushka bread and nibbled the whole. Velez angry, threw his glove into a mouse — and a glove-turned into a cat. Since then, and began feline race.   Cat — an animal, much loved by the people. Associate with many signs and sayings, "Who loves cats — will be a wife to love", "No cats hut", "on the mouse and the cat beast," "Cat fight — mice expanse!".  

Cat curls up

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Gift of Tradition

Recently, for the psychological prophylaxis and hygiene, maintaining physical and mental health becoming widely used non-drug methods, based on the extensive experience of traditional gyms East and West. Among them occupy a worthy place Slavic methods that are more and more acceptance in our society. Slavic health practices based on deep traditions, can be considered as a type of so-called body-oriented psychotherapy, impacting on the human psyche through his body. According to the theoretical principles of body-oriented psychotherapy, mental tension, stress and anxiety are expressed in muscle clamps and locks. They removed one way or another effect

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The essence of the talisman. What is a guardian?

The essence of the charms are exactly what their names imply: their vocation — to protect people, especially during hard times, in times of conflict, terrorism, and other ills. In other words, to protect the owner from any intentional negative influence, whatever it may be and wherever may come. Negative impacts can be purely physical effects — such as disease (caused by the way, are often not only by natural causes, but we overcame the evil eye or due to damage).   Amulets can protect its owner and of any impact on his psyche, the soul, the emotional sphere.

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Terrorist attack in Minsk. Chronology of events. Lists of the dead and wounded.

According to some data in the blast in Minsk metro killed 11 people, 100 people sought medical help. Belarusian authorities believe that a terrorist act

"Today at about 17.54 at the station" Oktyabrskaya "a terrorist act. On the criminal case, a joint investigation team "- said Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved reporters after a meeting with the president.

See photos: Terror acts in Moscow: the tragedy and statistics


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Russian genocide in the XX century

In world history, there are events that deliberately ignored. The largest in the history of Miri genocide carried out in the period from 1917 to 1924, was the subject of the study authors film. In this series viewers will focus on the destruction of the various strata of Russian society: high school students, clergy, officers, engineers, farmers and workers. Authors of the film directly call those responsible for the destruction of millions of Russian people.


Genocide? G (from the Greek.?? — Clan, tribe and armor. Caedo — kill) — acts

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Center of Slavic culture — House of Svarog

"Center of Slavic culture" with the name "House of Svarog" opened in Voronezh at the initiative of the local organization of veterans RUBOP. Slavic Centre occupies three rooms with a total area of 300 square meters in City Mall "Fair". The display of "House of Svarog" make everyday objects showing ancient symbols. In addition, here are photographic exhibition dedicated to the natural and archaeological sites of the Voronezh region, as well as a thematic exhibition of paintings by contemporary artists. The center has a small library.

According to the organizers "House Svarog 'exposure must gather supporters savings of popular

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After frantic Kali Yuga the world again comes the Golden Age — Satya south. And just as the blooming spring replaces whistling snow winter, and on the Earth all over again. Symbolically four yugas in the Vedas are shown as black swastika inscribed in the red circle. Each segment corresponds to the south of the circle. With a plaintive squeak Swastika Time rotates clockwise around the center, like a dilapidated wheel peasant carts. But, alas, not oily blood and tears Wheel Stories slowly slows down. A cart laden sinners last twitches, starts and stops. Then on Earth disappears …


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