Vaccinated filed

32 million people — A number of Russians vaccinated against influenza this season. This is an absolute record! Judge for yourself: the flu each season suffer 10-20 percent of the world population. WHO recommends a vaccination about every fifth person in the world. This usually vaccinated less — only 5 to 14 percent of the population. However, the Russian 32 million were vaccinated against influenza to date is 22.7 percent of the population. Perhaps never before mass vaccination in the absence of the epidemic was not carried out in our country with such a large scale. This state of affairs

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The planet of luck, we bomardiruyuschaya comets

A team of American astronomers, after a careful study of the orbits of comets that occasionally visit the solar system, came to the conclusion that some of them "sends" to us a distant giant planet. Previously it was thought that it was "the work of" dwarf star Nemesis. Alleged "space pakostnitse" gave the name of the goddess Tyche luck. For some time the question of who "sends" the solar system icy comets and where, in fact, they appear very interested scientists. And not only them. The fact that these celestial bodies harmless enough people somehow cause panic. Perhaps because we

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In Russia they want to legalize surrogacy

The State Duma of the Russian Federation offered to fix by law the concept of "surrogate motherhood" and the rights of the genetic parents. In particular, it is proposed to legislate responsibility of surrogate mother to give the child a biological (genetic) parents that she was not allowed to leave the baby himself.

"It is necessary to consolidate the concept of" biological parent ", — said the first deputy head of the faction" United Russia ", member of the Duma Committee on Health Tatyana Yakovleva at the regional conference on reproductive health held in Ivanovo.

She drew attention to

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Volgograd orphan raised injections of chlorpromazine

New methods of education that used Volgograd educators interested prosecutor. For faults — shoots, smoking, alcohol use — the orphans were sent to drug treatment clinic, or worse, to a psychiatric hospital. And there were treated rebels — who last month, and who is six months.

As found Konstantin Krylov, psychotropic substances and naughty stabbed in the orphanage.

Today Volgograd orphanage is open to the press. Journalists were allowed to look for any door, give freely talk with their children. Those who agreed to speak on camera, they say that they like it here. Director Alevtina Krapivina said that he

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People are starting to change genes

People are starting to change genes.

Experts have found that actually makes reprogram our bodies. Emissions of particulate matter have already been recognized as a factor in lung cancer, but a new study found that inhaling certain particles can actually reprogram certain genes, resulting in disrupted their development and developing not only cancer, but other diseases.

"In the blood and tissues of patients with cancer were detected genetic changes, accompanied by a chemical process — methylation," said PhD, assistant professor of applied biotechnology Andrea Bakkarelli from the University of Milan. "In the study, we expected to find out

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Lies and Statistics

In this issue — medical news.

In health care — innovation. Now, all (or almost all, if possible) deaths dopensionnogo age in hospitals told (unofficially) to classify as a result of alcohol / drug abuse / other bad habits.

For example, a young girl dies in childbirth. Clean, well-kept, family. Rarely, but it happens. Congenital defects, non-standard reaction to medication … is all. But in the end the cause of death write "alcohol intoxication."

Or dying 40-year-old businessman from a heart attack. A formal reason — an overdose of drugs.


The causal relationship is quite simple: a) Before

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What harm in soda?

The sweet taste of pop is so pleasant that carbonated drinks have become one of the biggest sources of calories in our diet. But it is quite safe for our health!

Sweet drinks are sold everywhere! Even if you want to buy a normal water, it is usually still have to search, for fast-food outlets, supermarkets and kiosks is literally inundated with sugary drinks. Even more noticeable ubiquity Cola, Pepsi, and just like that happens when you decide to completely abandon their use.

For many years, sodas gaining market with persistent and aggressive advertising, organized by the manufacturer. The sweet

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Gunpoint psi — weapons

The fact that there may be a bioelectronic weapons, doubt no longer necessary. Public commission "Phenomenon," created by the newspaper "Trud", managed to get to the inventor who created such a setup. Back in 1974, it was successfully tested in a military unit in Novosibirsk. Even then, the calculations showed that the power generators missing that 6Li-effectively "treat" the city of about one hundred square miles, loaded all of its inhabitants into a deep radioson.

— With the current development of technology such emitter can be placed on a space satellite and process much more space — admitted in

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Russia is a great and ancient

"And another one carried the wisdom of the people of Russia through all the trials of the last century: Who loves the Creator, that He did and experienced.

And it's the truth! For in order to entrust to a very important thing is to check the reliability of the person to whom you trust!

This explains why the transition will begin in 2012 with the Russian people. "Foam", which in recent years has emerged in Russia and violently "blossomed" — though it is the representatives of the people, not the people. And so can you believe that

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Earth rebel spirits. Outlines of a sacred geography of Yakutia

Lena Pillars afar most similar to some long abandoned by its mysterious inhabitants metropolis, consisting of high-rise towers, skyscrapers bizarre architecture

The territory of modern Yakutia has always been considered the most important and least explored in terms of sacred geography. Alexander Dugin, in his characteristic manner priori categorical wrote in 1994: "Yakutia — solar country. This is the core of sacred geography of the continent. Archetypes live there in a pure form. Discovering the Yakutia, we learn not only the sacred Master's Siberia and the Great Siberian and gain the key to Eurasia. " Yes, if only

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