Gay officially allowed to work in schools and day care centers in Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered the Government Bill 2342, aimed at the so-called "non-discrimination". Actually it is the protection of sexual perverts and real discrimination against the majority, wrote in a newspaper column for RIA "New Region" Igor Druz, chairman of public organization "National Council" of Ukraine. … I think the word on the Protection of perverts — emotional exaggeration? Not at all! Indeed, in paragraph 8 of the explanatory note to the bill directly and clearly states that "The project does not require public comment." That is, the authors wish to immediately close his mouth most of the

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American psychiatrists maim people

The fact that the U.S. leads the world in the number of mental patients has been written many times. This is not surprising when you take into account the socio-cultural basis upon which the foundation of American culture. But a significant contribution to "increase" the number of people with mental health problems makes herself an American psychiatrist in the pursuit of profit. What is also not surprising, given the degree of commercialization of American medicine.

Some psychiatrists argue that the 1 billion people in the world have abnormalities in the mind and, therefore, need help psychiatrist. Considerable amount of that

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The truth about exorcism

The reason for writing this article was the information that in the Maritime Territory, during the ritual for exorcism (exorcism) killed four year old. I certainly do not expect that my paper will somehow change the situation around this ceremony, but still I can not remain silent and not tell you what is Exorcism actually.

To blame for the death of a child of local folk healer, which is a criminal case. However, an accomplice of the healer can also be called, and the Christian church.

Despite the fact that in the 21st century, church continues to intimidate naive

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Statistics in Russia is better not to read …

These are depressing statistics in Russia and impressive, sometimes you can read it like a detective, here are a few interesting statistics, suggestive of sad reflection.

In Russia, the only officially registered

— disabilities — more than 12,000,000 — Alcoholics — over 4,580,000 — addicts — over 2,870,000 — Mental Illness — 978,000 — TB patients — about 890,000 — Hypertension — over 22,400,000 people — HIV positive — at least 2,380,000 people.

Russia is the second largest in the world in the spread of counterfeit medicines.

82% of medicines, implemented through public pharmacies falsified or do not

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The process of transformation of man into biorobot underway

We are no longer surprised by the latest prostheses capable of precise movements, and medical implants, pacemakers and defibrillators, mainly. However, more recently the idea of a wireless communication (such as Bluetooth), based on the human body.

Stunning forecast recently issued specialists of the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology at Queen's University Belfast (UK): a body of people can be the basis of future communications networks through multiple wearable sensors. A team of researchers led by Simon Cotton, which is developing a high-speed wireless networks of the future generation, believes that the human body is perfect for the

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Englishman amazed doctors: beat cancer without drugs

Only doctors have decided to appoint a patient chemotherapy, it turned out — the tumor was gone! In 60-year-old British retired teacher Peter Crane 18 months ago found the leukemia. He was offered a course of chemotherapy. But not immediately, but wait until there are clear signs of illness. Then, they say, the treatment will be effective.

Peter waited a half years … We can only guess what was going on in his heart. But when it's the next inspection, it turned out that a cancer-that Peter is no more! This was confirmed by blood tests.

To put it mildly,

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Russians now just … organ donors

The new law "On Health" and Yuyu now completely taken over the Russians. Nightmare — this is what awaits us all!

When zakonoprekt seemed at first reading, the entire Duma press flocked to the small room with undisguised amazement DG. All the running around and asking what is wrong. For the first time in history of the Duma and of the ordinary round table came together to lobby zakonoprekt Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, literally spilling confessions that the law meets all the expectations of international humanitarian organizations.

To see the entire humanitarian nightmare expectations in this bill must

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The benefits of rye bread

Rye bread. Photo:

In medieval talented unnamed master for many centuries by instinct, by the inspiration of creating technology to produce excellent rye bread, which still has no equal in the world.

Black rye bread— Genuine Russian product that is known to everyone. Production of bread began in ancient times to the present day, it is one of the most important products in every home that can promote health and healing properties.

Rye is one of the most important cereal crops. Useful properties of rye flour is primarily due to the fact that it contains a vital

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Greeted as ancestors of the Slavs

Significant in terms of the initiation ritual greeting. Since the shape of greeting can be understood, respected or not the other person, you can see the floor and the social status of the person to whom is assigned a greeting. Many mysterious and interesting fraught with this custom. Slavs past and present, here, too, all clear. But, something to tell the cost. So basic, sterzhneoobrazuyuschim is the wish of health companion. So let's say, the most famous greeting "Thou goy."

This wish health Slav. Everyone remembers the epic "goy thou, my good fellow?"

Here are tales of this expression

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LAWS RITA Heavenly Purity Law of Rod and Blood (Telegonia)


RITA laws — is Heavenly Purity Law of Rod and Blood. On the law of Rita, which lived in ancient times, all of Slavic and Aryan peoples in the modern world have learned in the middle of XIX century.

Now to refer to Rita Laws used the Greek name — Telegonia. In medicine, the phenomenon is called "the first male." Telegonia is imaginative, and the only parameter transmission of heredity from generation to generation.

Phenomenon Telegonia again found in XIX century

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