Mikhail Zadornov — Dancing on the rake (10.20.2012) / Ren-TV

The new concert Mikhail Zadornov ironically examines the law "On the protection of children from information that is harmful to their health development," says the mysteries of the country's history, gives useful advice.

In the traditional category "Zadornov" satirical parody of news programs.


People thinking about their children, do not hold the home TV

In many cases, what pours from the screen — a blow to the power of children. Therefore, in families that take care of children's health, it's all taken away.

Neumyvakin Ivan, one of the oldest practitioners in Russia and one of the founders of space medicine.

What sits LEGEND Russia? About Leonid Khabarova

Why are the real criminals on the loose? Where is your conscience? Where is your mind? Where's your will? Russian people …

Leonid Khabarov

The film — a tribute to immense respect for the individual and the officer with a capital letter. Colonel Leonid Khabarov. 56 DSHB legendary commander, the first commandant of the Afghan Salang Pass, head of the institute of military-technical education and safety UFU (1991 — 2010), all his life and health is devoted to his homeland. In July 2011, an honorary citizen of Ekaterinburg, the Chevalier of the Order of the Red Banner, the

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Black list of sites about to open

Black list of sites will be placed on a specially constructed for this web portal, reports Roskomnadzor which will lead to the appearance of the list of the authorized operator. Provisions of the Federal Law "On Protection of children from information harmful to their health and development" on a single registry of Internet sites that contain information the dissemination of which is prohibited in Russia, as well as mechanisms that limit access to come into force on 1 November 2012.

A number of other provisions of the law — in particular, the requirement of the information age labeling products —

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Medic Medic eye vykolet

Family who died in the hospital two months the girl from the village named after Morozov believes that

treatment-control commission covers doctors made a mistake. After attempts to find out the results to ascertain the circumstances of the tragedy that occurred on September 16, Anastasia Zholobova relatives received the committee.

According to NTV, the document specialists Regional Health Committee stated that it was impossible to save the child, although there were "defects in the delivery of health care." In this case, doctors at the hospital were Vsevolozhskaya imposed only disciplinary action. According to my grandfather dead girl

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Poison fruit

You know what stuffed vegetables and fruits, why send in suspended animation apples and bananas to the gas chamber, what you eat tomatoes out of the expensive supermarket and they sell under the guise of Astrakhan watermelon …?

Program a maximum of:

Program of industrial processing of fruits, which are sold in retail outlets and food markets. It's about the dangers to children, pregnant women and the ordinary people are the products supply. Beautiful, delicious and dangerous to health when used in food production are juices, purees. Look carefully and decide for themselves, what would be your

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Hospital managers get millions for drug trials on patients

Very sweet pill

Hospital managers and their approximate get millions for testing drugs on patients townspeople In St. Petersburg, a new corruption scandal is brewing — this time in the field of clinical trials of drugs that for major pharmaceutical companies are conducted in urban hospitals. What is the financial scale, the need to find out the investigative authorities. But we are talking about hundreds of millions of rubles. At the disposal of the "MK in St. Petersburg" were sensational documents check several city hospitals.

In the report, the Financial Control Committee Smolny reveals the mechanism of

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No weapons of genocide!

The government resumed his tobacco. The reasons are simple and easily understood. Over the past 20 years in Russia died from smoking around 6 million people. The annual death rate in 1990 rose to 200 000. And if the numbers make sense given the softness of the Russian legislation — we get this report from the battlefield. Prepared by the Ministry of Health anti-smoking bill would ban:

— on smoking in public places — the sale of cigarettes in the stalls — a demonstration of tobacco products and smoking process

And though there was much discussion in

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Same-sex marriages have been supported by the Pentagon: For pairs expanded the list of social benefits

February 11 Leon Panetta, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, said that to consist of homosexual relations troops expanded the list of social benefits, transmits Lenta.ru citing Agence France-Presse.

Among the new benefits are omissions, which provide access to educational programs and the right to visit military hospitals. If one partner dies in the course of military operations, "the second half" is receiving financial support (Photo: David Lewis / AP).

As noted Panetta, the current legislation does not allow for military partners health insurance and housing allowance. To change the item to recognize same-sex marriages in the United States at the

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Medications that are 2,000 years old, are treated better than the current

Pharmacological studies of ancient pills

Arheobotaniki studied medicine of the ancient Greeks, found 20 years ago on a sunken ship off the coast of Tuscany in Italy. A wooden vessel with a cargo of drugs and Syrian glass sank off the coast of Tuscany in 130 BC, wrote wordscience.ru. Pills carefully preserved ancient scientists analyzed and made public the results.

When comparing DNA found tablets with a genetic base of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) were able to determine that the composition of the ancient medicines included carrots, radishes, celery, wild onion, oak, cabbage, alfalfa, yarrow. —

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