Gate Tonga

October 9, 2012 4:12

In Polynesia, there is a unique stone structure XI century — the Gate of Tonga. According to local legend, in a certain time of the year, after passing through the gate, you can go into the habitat of the local god and the same road back. According to other legends it — the burning of dead rulers, a symbol of kinship ties.

Gate Tonga

Tonga gates are in the eastern part of the island of Tongatapu, known as the treasure of the past Polynesia kolybel.V it now it is the archaeological zapovednik.Eta part of the

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Secret area. Apokalipsis.Prodavtsy weather

January 14, 2013 1:29

Weather confronting humanity for strength. Is a climate apocalypse in the near future?

Mysterious Russia. Sverdlovsk region. Schelpy — another civilization? (2012)

September 23, 2012 21:48

Sverdlovsk region. There it was decided to believe in the mysterious creatures that can change its shape and easily find precious stones and gold-bearing veins. Mistress of Copper Mountain, a huge snake skid — who are all these creatures from Bazhova tales and myths of the Urals? Local people believe that these places have a guardian — schelpy. Disembodied, multifaceted, convertible to anyone — they are, in one theory, representatives of other civilizations, other forms of life on Earth. Could this be for real? ..

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Remove the damage (loss program)

November 14, 2011 8:06

Candles heal. Melted wax candles like tears. These tears help to treat people, relieve pain, fear, evil eye and spoilage. Wax absorbs all negative, as an alien, aimed at individual as well as his own, coming from inside.

Wax casting serves as a shield, reflects, according to the ancient healing practices of the Slavs, all ills.

With the casting of wax can remove damage, evil eye, headaches, nervousness. Casting wax Ancient Slavic method is quite simple, as, indeed, and all ancient wisdom. We need 150 grams of wax, cold water, which previously was a silver object.

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Mysterious Russia. Pskov region. Fire dog

November 10, 2011 12:19

UFOs. Ryazan

November 7, 2011 11:31

Laser eye color change

November 2, 2011 22:43

Those who would like to change the color with hazel eyes to blue, may soon do it in just 20 seconds, but without the ability to return the color back. As explained by a California physician, who for several years working on this problem is, technology changes color based on the use of the laser. The laser beam acts on the iris, which burns natural for the brown-eyed people pigment melanin.

Although he is permanently removed, but a few days later it was the color of the eye becomes grayish-bluish.

The scientist is

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Android robot who can show emotions

January 11, 2013 4:04

Diego-san — a new robot that can express emotions. Android was created by specialists of the University of California at San Diego, in collaboration with companies Kokoro Co. and Hanson Robotics, reports Gizmag. Engineers have tried to make it look like a one year old child, but the robot was a bit more due to the fact that the developers abandoned the use of the expensive miniature components.

Height of the robot is 130 cm Weight — 30 kg. The body is equipped with 44 pneumatic android. The head unit has 27 moving

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Unknown creatures eager to freedom from ancient Antarctic waters

January 11, 2013 3:55

Russian scientists have been able to obtain, after much effort, the sample of ice from the water of the ancient Lake Vostok, which over millions of years, there has been no contact with the outside atmosphere, hidden powerful ice.

Lake Vostok covers four kilometers of ice, samples were taken at a depth of 3406 meters of clear lake ice core length is approximately two meters. Inside the transparent ice inclusions visible ice bubble and white. Glaciologists started investigating ice, taken gas, isotopic and biological samples for analysis.

I hasten to report to

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Figures — key for conspiracies.

October 25, 2011 3:56

Another article about the conspiracy. Many do not believe in the power of conspiracies. But if we follow because of their effect on people for centuries, we can see that conspiracies really are. The most important thing to know how to read conspiracies. Hereditary magicians know this, but the real wizards — feel how to read conspiracies.

Some plots are read in a whisper, while others, in full voice, and there are those who simply shouted out in places where people do not go casual. All that you need to know before you start reading of

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