The gods speak in Russian!

The gods speak in Russian!

We are used to the fact that the world's main languages — English, and our native Russian, and only to those engaged in recent years that has borrowed a word there, a word here. But is it? A graduate of the Oriental Faculty of Leningrad State University, linguist and author of several books, Alexander Dragunkin sensational claims that it was just the opposite. Moreover, he concluded that the ancient language was proto-language of all the Earth!

English — descendants rusichej?

— It all started with the English language, which I taught for many

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Facebook users are allowed to trade bodies through a social network

In the social network Facebook will now be legal trade bodies. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg announced that users of the resource can be specified in a howl of "status" that would like to "monetize" their internal organs, and which ones. «Facebook — a place where people communicate with each other and share" — with these words begin text of Mark Zuckerberg. implied that "share" Facebook users will their bodies by choice — in vivo or post mortem. Information on participation in the donor program will have the same settings privacy, as well as other positions and

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Military secret. (17.12.2012)

Sensational Version: Christ was married. Nicknamed «Paladin»: the best-selling howitzer century. Full immersion: underwater hunter U.S. Navy. Mutiny on the ship: adventures of a British sailing ship. Ian Fleming: the real James Bond. Beware! There comes a glacier! Fools on the road: how to stay safe. Exhaust: the latest development of Russian designers. At the bottom: underwater pyramids put scientists in a deadlock. Unknown history of the Earth.

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Mystery of voodoo dolls

Many centuries ago, the voodoo religion in the holds of slave ships crossed the Atlantic to spread in Haiti and Cuba, the U.S. and Brazil. Today, there are over 50 million adherents of this doctrine.

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Modern Inquisition — in Saudi woman executed for witchcraft

In Saudi province of al-Jawf beheaded woman found guilty of witchcraft practices. Human rights organization "Amnesty International" has condemned the actions of the Saudi authorities, saying that recently the number of death sentences in the country of concern.

As informs "Interfax" referring to the Ministry of Interior province penalty Nationals Saudi Arabia Amina bint Abdul Halim was enforced on Monday morning, December 12. In 2010, Saudi Arabia had been executed 27 people.

Trehlebov: Brownies


The documentary film Invisible World


Asura, Asura

In the Krasnodar region traces the legendary Aryans

Photo: Ivan Zhuravlev / Yugopolis

On the Taman Peninsula archaeologists found traces of the burial rite, pointing to the fact that the legendary aria — historical peoples of ancient Iran and India, which have noble qualities and amazing power — lived in the Northern Black Sea.

During the excavation of the necropolis, located next to the Hellenistic temple of Demeter at the Taman Peninsula, scientists are faced with the following surprising funeral rites relating to the "barbarian" tribes of Sindh, which may have become the descendants of the Aryans.

Sanctuary of Demeter scientists at the Institute of Archaeology

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Now past Rusich. Original documents

Original documents of the British Library, artifacts, historical finds that opens the mystery of the true history of Russia, all of its true greatness. Events, many predicted the return of the true visionaries of Russian history and the return of its greatness predicted for 2020 come true.

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