The phone rings? A phantom!

November 4, 2012 4:23

Fig. Valentine Druzhinin.

A new disease, like neurosis, revealed doctors syndrome of "call-phantom." Man hears ringtone or vibrate the tube rushes to find a mobile phone immediately see who called. And … no one called! Some calls have unexpected "hear" the noise of the water, music, and even humming electric razor. Others call mania by the constant checking his mobile phone: Do not miss a signal or message?

In general, experts say, the syndrome of "call-phantom" resembles the syndrome of "phantom limb" for those patients who amputated leg or arm, and they sometimes feel

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The phenomenon of duplicate numbers

November 3, 2012 22:26

More and more people around the world are starting to notice the interesting phenomenon as repeating sequences of numbers — the so-called "angel numbers" (angelic numerology). Thousands of people talk about "the same time" on the clock, timer, billboards, mobile phones and other places around the modern man.

Many respected spiritual teachers, authors, therapists and psychics claim that this phenomenon occurs and is gaining momentum due to a spiritual awakening and awareness. People are spiritually evolving, and repetitive sequences carried out by designated posts above. Guardian angels guide us through our own feelings, thoughts, visions,

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In Dnovskoms raging blood-sucking monster

November 4, 2012 4:48

In Dnovskom's raging blood-sucking monster.

It turns out that two weeks ago, a local resident Armen Barkhudaryan, woke up this morning, I saw not the usual eye picture — rabbit in a cage, and the fragment of a horror movie.

All of its 18 rabbits October morning in the garden lay flat folded to one another.

— I went and looked — said Armen — they were dead. Called a neighbor invited him to take rabbits and feed it to the dogs. But when he began to butcher the carcasses of dead animals, it

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Saved by the Light

November 1, 2012 6:04

Every day in the world dies a lot of people, and only a few are to experience a state of clinical death and return to life. But to get a unique gift of foresight in an accident is given one in a million. This is precisely the fate of American Denniona Brinkley.

God's artillery

September 17, 1975 over the city of Aiken, South Carolina, USA, raging storm. A young 25-year old man was afraid Dennion Brinkley elements such antics more than anything else. As a child, at night, when the summer thunderstorms rumbled and lightning lit

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Scientists were able to prove the existence of Bigfoot Kuzbass

October 29, 2012 19:53

As many as three independent research laboratory in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the University of Idaho have analyzed DNA of a previously unknown wool found in Kemerovo region, showing that the biological samples does not belong to any man or primates. Scientists claim that hair can really belong "yeti".

Snowman. Shooting Roger Putters, gorge Kirk, Northern California, 1967god.

Sc.D., Professor Valentin Sapunov said wool, found in the Kuzbass, identical in their DNA samples with those found near St. Petersburg, in the U.S.. In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda

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Evil. 4 issue. Mermaid (25/10/2012)

October 29, 2012 3:37

Shocking mystical premiere of autumn! Since childhood, we've all heard tales of the supernatural creatures of the past. We want to believe that this is just a legend. But the facts — stubborn. TV3 team will exclusively investigate and find evidence for the existence of dark forces. Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, Baba Yaga. With us you will find out why you can not look into the eyes of black magic, why witches running exclusively on a broomstick, and what was the name of the first vampire. You will hear the true stories of people who have had

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Doctors: people-vampires really can not live without blood

February 13, 2013 12:21

Recently, a group of doctors from Turkey issued a report, from which the blood-curdling: it describes the history of the disease, "human vampire" with multiple personality and irresistible craving for blood.

It started with that 23-year-old married man started making cuts blades on their own arms, chest and stomach, express blood in a cup and drink. Later drink blood became for him almost as a necessity, like breathing air. And then he began to look for other sources.

Man, name and even residence was not disclosed, was arrested several times for having inflicted

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Another proof of the scientists of the gift of foreseeing events

October 29, 2012 3:13

Do people have the ability to foresee the events that have not happened yet? As a result, new research proved the existence of premonitions without warning signs.

According to the magazine "Market Leader" members of the North — Western University analyzed the results of the twenty-six studies that were published in 1978 — 2010 years. Participants in these studies were observed significant changes of brain and heart waves and oscillations in the electrical measurements of the skin, up to ten seconds before experiencing a variety of random stimuli, for example, an exciting picture. This fact is

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Chupacabra in the suburbs

October 26, 2012 17:28

Mysterious creatures terrorizing the village, Moscow region, leaving bloodless bodies of chickens and rabbits. Villagers say the invasion chupacabra.

Residents of the village near Moscow Petrovsky declared hunting Chupacabra. Mysterious beast has killed about 30 chickens, dozens of rabbits and a few goats. Catch a predator no one can, but many managed to see it.

To save the animals, the farmer Vladimir overnight spikes cell boards. He had already lost four rabbits and three chickens. Hearing a noise in the street, the man ran out of the house and saw the strange creatures.

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First recorded as a whale speaks in human language

October 24, 2012 20:16

American scientists have found a whale that can mimic human speech and make sounds for a few octaves below its range. Unusual white whale lives in coastal waters of California.

Scientists note that cetaceans long been taught to imitate the voice of man, but it is the first case in which the mammal exhibits the ability to mimic on their own.

Gabby beluga found one of the divers, who, while under water, he heard the order to immediately ascend. When the man came to the surface and asked who

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