Conspiracy puppeteers. Leave to remain

June 30, 2012 12:26

Ancient lore says — the soul of man is immortal. On Earth, the human body, the soul is sent to gain invaluable experience. The soul of all beings, without exception, there is a subtle worlds.

In Kolyma found a strange creature, clad in armor

June 21, 2012 8:00

It is a miracle, even armed with a textbook of biology, not defined …Photo: author

After lying comatose in stasis little dirt discovery was showing signs of life in the ring coiling flexible tail and gently fingering rows of gills.

Internet video has blown up with strange creature found in Kolyma. Near the mine wide during stripping slogger found a strange animal: no fish, with gills. Strange creature, clad in armor, decided to pull out on the surface and the procedure to consider. As recognized by witnesses, rested a bit in stasis coma dirt

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At Mount Kudykinoy

June 17, 2012 10:16

Residents of the Lipetsk region can send you to Kudykinu mountain, and it will not be a mockery. Such a place actually exists, and according to ancient legend, is restored by the Russian heroes.

Here lies the Stone of Fertility, touching which, they say, a man can increase his strength, and the woman — soon to give birth.

Tomatoes are not steal, but on the slopes of grazing animals from all parts of the world, and on the banks of the Don is a fortress — the

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Secret area. Wheel of Time

June 16, 2012 7:11

Modern physics has shown that the world is not limited to three dimensions. The fourth dimension — time. But can a man to travel through time? Heroes, flew through the decades, convinced that time travel is not fantasy, but reality.

Young children are able to read the minds of adults

February 3, 2013 20:15

A study conducted jointly by scientists from China, Ecuador, Fiji, found that young children, ranging from about one and a half years in the state's parents thought. They do this through empathy. Previously it was thought that this ability appears only at the age of four to seven years. The researchers say their discovery could shed light on the knowledge of the social skills that distinguish man from chimps. The experiments were conducted on the basis of tests of "false belief."

In the classic version of the test person walks into a room and put an

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Deadly Design

February 3, 2013 15:34

If ever inhabit the Earth have replaced people cyborgs, if they do not seem to have many of the usual boring stuff?

Pretty ironic, but in some ways frightening answer to this question is a Chinese designer Shi-Ying Song, who over the last few years demonstrates its "brutal" work at various exhibitions.

Through sometimes provocative installations and something that can be called household items, designer initiates a dialogue between the traditional Chinese culture, is largely based on mythology and contemporary reality, with its rapid processes of globalization.

A special surprise (and someone, for

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War in the astral plane

February 7, 2013 1:07

General Sedzhevik reputed brave on the American Civil War. He's not just once or twice raised above the parapet — the bullets, and, finally, believing that there must be some force takes them to the side, climbed over the parapet to his full height, "Hey! .. Mazilu! Would not you like to get in a gene … "

There is a law of life, let him be to measure things. Medium Hafstey Borisson, penetrating the thin material, convinced at each session, which is in touch with him, high-born Icelander, can only get high-born

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Transformation in Tibet. Creating a ghost

June 2, 2012 10:50


For centuries Tibet remained inaccessible to Europeans. First there was a French opera singer Alexandra David-Neel. After a 14-year-old she was found wandering the holy and honored to be called Lama, and in France she was awarded the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor and awarded the gold medal of the Geographical Society. By her own admission, just being in the mountains, it felt like "home." Here she had to undergo a severe test.

For example, David-Neel went through initiation "move" — a vision, if you alive eat demons. Mastered

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The only vegetarian shark

June 2, 2012 5:49

In all the time that the person is familiar with the sharks, these large fish have earned a reputation as a fierce and merciless killers eaters of all life. To recall the well-known movie "Jaws", which even a man with nerves of steel could plunge the creeps, and nervous — and do contraindicated. Yes, Hollywood is even more exacerbated our fear of sharks, making them mass murderers who can smell a drop of your blood at a distance of many kilometers. And sailed for more.

But it seems that the trends of healthy lifestyle not only

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Plakli — a village of ghosts

February 3, 2013 4:46


Plakli village, in the south-east of England, in the county of Kent, known as the "village 12 ghosts." Some believe that ghosts exist only in the minds of local residents. But, anyway, many seek here to get some special "ghost" air … Anyway, the lack of tourists Plakli not feel.


What ghosts live here? For example, in the central square of the village inhabited by the spirit of Ladies in White. They say that this is representative of the local noble family Denning. And her sister is

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