Secret signs. Time travel

May 28, 2012 1:45

Travel through time gives man unlimited possibilities. Once in the past, we have a chance to change the mistakes of history, for example, Pushkin could not go to a duel with Dantes, and Captain F "Titanic" could take a ship from stolkneoveniya an iceberg. In fact, the real time travelers paying a heavy price for trying to change the past, or to penetrate the secrets of the future.

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Penza military UFO took off for the camera

May 26, 2012 16:23

Retired major defense Yuri Pashanin noticed in the sky above Penza unidentified flying object and was able to take it on camera.

Strange flying laps before Yuri saw three times: in 1982 — at the site in Kazakhstan, even when he served in the air defense in 2000 — in Penza, and in 2012, at the beginning of May — here. However, he was able to photograph an object just now.

"At 20:55 wife noticed that the object appeared over a forest of gray. I immediately went for the camera and started shooting.

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Japanese robot can juggle two balls (video)

May 27, 2012 10:01

A group of scientists and engineers from Chiba University demonstrated "one-armed" robot juggler.

For several years, we are constantly confronted with new features and capabilities that give your robot researchers and engineers from Japan. Now, a team of scientists and engineers from Chiba University demonstrated "one-armed" robot juggler speed which allows him quite deftly managed at once with two balls. This robot, the movements of which seem incredibly "live" was demonstrated by the developers on the IEEE International Conference 2012 on Robotics and Automation (2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA).

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Supernormal Myrina Dazho

June 2, 2012 9:53

Marin Dazho dedicated his life to show people super-powers. He has presented at medical congresses, in the presence of many doctors, doctors and journalists who recorded the testimony of his body. Sharp needles and knives pass through his organs heart, lungs, and spleen, sometimes through several bodies at the same time without blood.

He said that the subjects simply dematerialized within it, so no harm. From time to time the blade fell poison or stabbed deliberately rusted. In a speech in Zurich in order to prove to the public that this is not a hoax,

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Parallel world. Issue 22

May 24, 2012 21:35

Why is the uniform glow gold stars? And as a refusal to change the destiny of man meat? And also: what secrets can be learned from a sleeping man? And why men can not stand the soft words?

The power of thought, or learn to think correctly!

May 20, 2012 8:50

The saying that "all our thoughts materialize" — not just words, but a proven fact that scientists and psychologists who are directly connected with the law of attraction.

If you think about it, each of us, thinking about something, soon noticed that the idea of "embodied" in life. For example, a woman, dreaming of account certain men noticed that he really began to give her attentions …

If you look at the power of thought, on the other hand, it turns out that all the troubles, problems and troubles we are ordinary attract into your life:

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Something stolen iPhone

February 2, 2013 13:59

Manager of the pub, located in West Bromwich, said that his mobile phone was stolen ghost. As proof of his words a man demonstrates the video captured by the camera surveillance.

At 2:30 am a 30-year-old Ajay Kohan came to public house, where he worked as a manager. A man was sitting at a table, studying the documentation, and then went to the bar to have a word with the staff of the pub.

Ajay leave your iPhone on the seat — in this hour facility was empty, and the property

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Fished as our ancestors? Vintage signs and superstitions

May 10, 2012 21:20

Avid fishermen — known to the people superstitious. So happened a long time. For example, they do not like to be on the way to the bank counter wished good fishing, are wary to give the wrong hands your equipment, refrain from counting until the end of the catch fishing.

On the other hand, is always happy to meet a cripple ahead of desired classes, fondly kissed first small fish, carefully removing the hook, then release back "for dad — for my mother — his grandfather — a grandmother." Many beliefs have survived from ancient

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Vatican — the repository of human knowledge of secret

May 10, 2012 10:56

Apostolic Vatican Library contains 1600000 publications (both modern and ancient), 8300 printed books (65 of them are printed on parchment), 150,000 volumes of manuscripts and archives, 300,000 coins and medals, and 100,000 prints. The legends say that in the library of the Roman Catholic Church, many secret rooms, which are known only to the initiated. Many of the Pope, his life being in the Vatican, did not even know of their existence. It is in these rooms are priceless manuscripts that shed light on the various mysteries of the universe.

Officially, the Vatican Library was founded

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Strange disease — men become children

May 7, 2012 10:32

They show each other languages, laugh, run around the room, hide in closets.

Normal behavior for children, which are gradually becoming ever married two middle-aged men.

In the acclaimed film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" actor Brad Pitt played a remarkable man, who grew up the opposite. He was born on a very old man, and then immediately was placed in a nursing home. But over the years younger, Button, and his life ended in a manger with all the signs of senile marasmus.

Although presented in the film story is absolutely fantastic, a

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