U.S. declassified documents about the patronage of fugitive Nazis

The newspaper The New York Times published a full version of the secret report of the Ministry of Justice, which refers to the patronage of the U.S. Nazi criminals.

600-page document, which was kept secret by the last four years, is evidence of more than two dozen cases of cooperation with former U.S. agencies German war criminals for the last 30 years. The Ministry of Justice refused to make public the report from 2006, referring to his nedorabotannost, but about a month ago in the light came much edited version, from which, in comparison with the original, disappeared many facts.

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ROC against A.Nevzorova

The legacy of their ancestors. God Kupala Day

Military secret. (Aired 9/17/2012)

A homosexual can become an Orthodox priest

Exoplanet Gliese 581g/Gliese 581g


News chipizatsii

In the United States passed the test another device, introduced under the skin of the person. It was developed at MIT. According to the creators, it will help improve the quality of life of seriously ill people and contains in its body a few microcontainers with single doses of the drug. Program in the microchip allows open containers in a strictly specified time — when the time comes, an electrical pulse destroys the capsule shell and release the drug. Or maybe not a cure …

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ROC — MP — FSB — GAZPROM worry about swindler arrested in Greece


Foreign Minister make statements fear that threads that extend from the swindler producer round belt of the Virgin in Russia, will inevitably lead to them because conman arrested pop is sure to give testimony in all cases and fraud.

Shame on this whole rotten system?

Technology Revolutions


Chronology and Calendar Russ

7520 The year of S.M.Z.H. in 2011. But this date is after the birth of Slavic-Aryan civilization and even date from the time of creation. This is only a date from a starting point in the chronology of our ancestors. And no decree of Peter I-st not crossed our bright past. And it has hundreds of thousands of years. Wake Russ! You have a great past!

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