Why can not take pictures of sleeping?

January 29, 2012 19:02

Photo: liveinternet.ru

This superstition prevalent in society photographers and ordinary people. Especially cherished by this issue are a lot of young moms, forbidden to photograph their children in their sleep. Where did this superstition, and why can not take pictures of sleeping?

In the XIX century in Europe there was a tradition to photograph dead people as if they are just sleeping. Deceased was dressed in fancy clothes and put on a bed or "seated" on the chair and photographed it. Often you can find photographs of the deceased was shown during an impromptu

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Ghostbusters: how to drive Barabashka

January 26, 2013 1:54

If you need to get rid of the ghosts in the house or office, get help from Ghostbusters. Theme of ghosts, which may seem to many a fantasy or fiction, some real people is very real problem. These shots singer Alexander Danko shot in her apartment. The water in the tap is opened by itself, and the fireplace is lit. "Well, generally a nightmare, we have repeatedly flooded neighbors complain they have," — said Alexander Danko.

If the house settled ghost fit cause of Ghostbusters. Such a service in Moscow is. In their backpacks arsenal

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Curse of the Mummy

January 28, 2012 18:55

Can the living dead revenge for what they have disturbed their ashes? "Of course not!" — Immediately exclaim skeptic. Okay, we'd better ask this question at the end. Perhaps, then, some are not so sure of the answer.

22 victims of Tutankhamun

Perhaps the need to start with the most famous and mysterious case a dead alive — with a curse of Tutankhamen. The tomb of the young Egyptian ruler found November 26, 1922 a British expedition led by Egyptologist Howard Carter and amateur archaeologist Lord Carnarvon.

This proved to be one of the few

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Mysteries of Moscow. Flute in the cemetery

January 26, 2012 17:05

In the east of Moscow, in Lefortovo, located Vvedenskoe old cemetery. At one time it was called the German, as it is primarily intended for residents of the German settlement. In short, are buried there mostly people of the Orthodox faith — Catholics, Lutherans … Of course, such a place would be complete without its own mythology …

The first burial in Lefortovo appeared in 1771, during a plague epidemic. The name was given to the cemetery Vvedensky mountains (aka Lefortovo Hill) — hills on the left bank of the river Yauza. In the XIX

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Maholeta human-powered flying for a few seconds

January 26, 2012 7:40

Dutch mechanical engineer is working on realizing the dream of Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine on a human-powered. However, with the help of modern gadgets. Attention! Video presented below, made from one of two attempts to take off (a restart can be found on the duct tape on the wing):

Yarnos Smeets — the main driving force of the project Human Birdwings. According to him, the first successful test flight has already taken place, but managed to get off the ground a little.

This is not a single crystal by Yves

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Ghosts also go to a cafe and supermarket

January 23, 2012 15:33

Ghosts that live in shopping malls and restaurants, are not uncommon. Parapsychologists believe that after the death of the soul, for whatever reason, failed to find no rest, sometimes returning to the places that used to go in life. Perhaps for energizing they come with a lot of people — in clubs, cafes, shops …

So, one of London's pubs for ten years regularly visited the phantom of a Charles Crampton, who died in 1962. When life Crampton each day went to the pub to a glass of ale. One day, soon after he died in

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Indian Yeti name Mande barung

January 23, 2012 15:53

NEW DELHI, January 7. / Itar-Tass /. In the Altai region, allegedly, literally from day to day can find a "Bigfoot". With this legendary creature hope to get to know and in tropical India, where people obviously lucky to have frequent meetings with the relic hominoids. Strongly lucky, for example, a forester Dipu Marak, who can not forget how in 2003 three head-faced Mande barungom on jungle-clad hills of the Garo in the north-eastern state of Meghalaya. So if fear had suffered Dipu.

At the first meeting of the forest people, the local language Mande

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Riddles of the Dead Lake

January 22, 2012 22:09

© Flickr.com / vissago / cc-by-nc-sa 3.0

Lake located near Pereslavl, not without reason called the dead and the living are lost there, and even … drowned

Local people do not swim in it — fear. Is that fish. Quite often they come across either generally unknown to scientists breed fish or real mutants: one-eyed, three-eyed, with legs instead of fins and even hairy!

Representatives of the regional sanitary station repeatedly took water lake in the analysis: the water as the water is closer in composition to the mineral. The lake strikes seven keys.

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The most unusual animals in the world

January 21, 2012 12:52

1. Leafy sea dragon. Who said that dragons and unicorns do not exist? In shutmusicup published a list of the twenty five most unusual animals on Earth.

What kind of animal: marine fish, a relative of the seahorse.

Habitat: in the waters around southern and western Australia, often in shallow water, in lukewarm water.

Special features: the head and body processes, like the leaves, are only a disguise. Driven by the pectoral fin, located on the crest of the neck, and the dorsal fin near the tip of the tail. These fins are fully transparent.

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Astronaut who walked on the moon, described the friendly aliens

January 21, 2012 8:48

U.S. astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who has made a record a long walk on the moon — 9 hours 17 minutes, said NASA hides information about contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. According to a former astronaut, aliens not only exist, but in fact, almost completely consistent with our stereotypes. Do aliens small bodies, large heads and big eyes, writes The Sun. Dr. Mitchell walked on the moon in 1971, the team of "Apollo 14," claims that aliens are extremely friendly. "They are not aggressive, — the 77-year-old former Navy pilot — if they were hostile, we would not

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