Why dogs paws do not freeze

January 21, 2012 9:10

The heat from dog paws not go through a special organization of blood vessels: the venous vessels intercept heat from the arteries, preventing it evaporate into space.

Why do dogs run on snow or ice, do not freeze feet? Everyone knows that the hair on the pads of dogs not — and then there is no insulation from the cold. True, there is animal fat layer that freezes much more slowly, but due to the fact that the surface of pads a lot more of its volume, the heat should dissipate quite rapidly. And how

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Dog shocked people intelligence

January 20, 2012 19:36

Photo: Getty Images / Fotobank.ru

A striking observation shared scientists from the Research Center for dingo in Australia. According to experts, seen by them can turn an idea of the mind of animals

Scientists have unveiled a video that demonstrates the ability to solve complex dingo dog by the standards of logic puzzles and use the tools to succeed. Seated in a cage trying to get a piece of the dingo food hanging from the ceiling, according to NTV.

However, attempts to reach the starving animal treats were unsuccessful, as the food is hung

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Man calculator lives in San Diego

January 18, 2012 17:37

Scott has Flansberga living in San Diego, California, is uniquely situated parts of the brain. The so-called "zone 44", located in the central part of the brain responsible for the ability of the calculation. Scott has this plot is shifted upward and significantly expanded in comparison with the brain of the ordinary man.

Know a few people with such super-powers, but one of the last reported about the ability to produce complex algebraic calculations in mind the program "Super-people among us," published in the American broadcast last fall.

While information about Flensburg — Human Calculator

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January 23 A year of Black Dragon

January 18, 2012 17:59

4710 The year of Chinese Civilization (2012) will begin on January 23, its symbol — Black Dragon. More accurately to congratulate you on the day of Spring! This is also a Chinese tradition. However, if you delve into the country's history, the New Year in Russia also began in the spring. The reason is clear: the revival.

To the "right" to celebrate the New Year for the third time, a closer look at the Dragon. Terrible beast, do no harm to yourself!

What is this animal, which has not been seen? But all the people of

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Five ways to distinguish fantasy from Past Lives

January 15, 2012 15:54

The most common question I hear when working with past lives is not "who I was in a past life," or "if I really was a Mayan priestess in the fifteenth century." No, the most common question is "How can I tell if I saw a past life or nafantaziroval? '. This question usually disappears after the first session of regression, although there are more troubles.

I can think of several ways vskidku distinguish fantasy from a past life.

At the level of sensation

The first method is the simplest. Alternately, start

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In touch — ghosts!

January 14, 2012 18:01

When most of us hear the stories about the contacts of people living with the dead, the first reaction is usually — mistrust. The man is quite flexible mind, and the thoughts of the deceased, fatigue or stress state may well provoke a dialogue with the "ghost." This will explain to you any psychologist. But is it all just as it seems at first glance?

Hello, I'm from another world!

In Nikolai Semenovich B. wife died. She was only forty-nine. Heart could not take …

Five years after the death of Lydia S. Nicholas accepted the

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Examined the body of the alleged alien Atacama Desert

January 22, 2013 17:02

The experts made an X-ray and computed tomography prepolozhitelno alien body, the site of the project disclosure. Head of "Disclosure» (Disclosureproject) — Dr. Steven Greer reported the completion of the study of a small body, presumably alien. Mr. Greer (born June 28, 1955) is an American osteopath and. ufologist who founded the project "Orion» (Orion) and "Disclosure."

Steven Greer says, "After many weeks of traveling, we're back and happy to announce that the amazing results were obtained in the course of our research to a possible extraterrestrial origin of the body."

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American caught giant goldfish

January 22, 2013 15:03

Photo Facebook.com/92citifm

Fisherman Mike Martin was able to catch the spoils of his life — a giant goldfish. He was shocked when I caught a fish in the three pounds in Lake Claire, Michigan, reports TSN. 25-year-old believes that the fish was once the darling of the family, which is released into the wild, where he continued to quietly grow.

He said: "We see them all the time, but, in fact, rarely get to catch them."

Martin caught a giant gold fish during the winter fishing for perch. "It was something of a shock,"

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Created points for a deep immersion in the virtual world

January 12, 2012 12:54

Payback for saturation functions — a decent weight of the device — 1.36 kilograms (photo Evan Ackerman / DVICE).

The new device is thoroughly trained to create the illusion of movement of human quality in a virtual or mixed reality. And the glasses provide the transmission of information in both directions.

American company Sensics introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES 2012), perhaps the most advanced in the world sunglasses display for immersive virtual and augmented reality.

A device called Natalia not only allows you to view three-dimensional world in high

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The aliens and their hybrids waiting for x hours

January 21, 2013 20:27

There is a theory that aliens are going to populate the earth with their hybrids and mutants and humans to destroy or put in reserve. Apparently, the "X hour" is not far off. Teams hybrids, outwardly indistinguishable from humans and have psychic powers, already trained in remote corners of the planet …

The Lost Expedition

In June of this year there were details about the circumstances of the death of Brazilian ethnographic expedition, who in 2007 studied the life of Indian tribes in the remote region of the Amazon, the rivers and Zhurueny Arinusa, State

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