Transplatatsiya soul

December 19, 2011 11:18

There is growing evidence that, together with the transplant man gets habits, temperament and memory donor. Maybe — a part of his soul. And sometimes even transferred operation repeats the fate of the donor … It happened to Sonny Graham, 69-year-old American. It was a fun and adventurous people, is a rare luck.

No luck failed him on the table cardiac surgery: donor heart was found quickly (it belonged to 33-year-old Terry Cauldron, who committed suicide by shooting a gun to the head), the operation is successful, the rehabilitation period was brief. A couple of

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Tattoo their magic power

December 17, 2011 6:45

For some, the tattoo is a challenge, for others just decoration on the body, for the third — a philosophy. Tattoo their magic power and influence of a man …

Teleportation ants atta

December 15, 2011 0:41

"… If a man could master the knowledge that the tiny ants possess millions of years, we would have a few years to reach the most distant stars! …" Frankly, I myself have never been interested in insects. But recently I came across a book of Ivan Sanderson's "beast" and, having read the fifteenth chapter and the ants Atta, I realized that I have no strength to keep quiet about it. So, meet: Paranormal Atta ants from North America.

What kind of ants?

Ants who created this system, called attii — it mirmekologicheskoy tribe

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The London Thames wound up being, killing geese

December 14, 2011 17:45

Experts in wildlife investigate rumors of an unknown predator lurking in the waters of the river near the Olympic Stadium in East London. Rumors began to spread after the signal was received from a bystander. A man saw a healthy Canada goose floating on the water surface of the river, all of a sudden something utyanulo down under. More goose he saw, reported Daily Mail.

It was also found that the water channel near the Olympic stadium being constructed constantly decreasing number of swans.

Experts suggest that it is possible in the river wields big pike,

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Georgian man-magnet kept on a 50 spoons and a car hood. Video

December 14, 2011 16:26

Two unusual world records set in the Georgian capital. Man Magnet Etibar Elchiev pulled him 50 metal spoons, says ITRC "Peace." Past achievements of the Guinness Book of Canadians belonged to Aaron Kayssi that held just something 17 covers.

Then Georgian strongman held for half a minute on his chest hood of the car he was sitting quite big already buddy. Total cargo weight was 106 pounds. Etibar Elchiev said that he could have more, but "in the hall of the heat and the sweat interfere." On our laurels Etibar Elchiev not going to

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Under the pyramid found mysterious mask

December 15, 2011 16:42

Mexican archaeologists have discovered in the highest pyramid in Mexico — Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan — unusual offerings to the gods. According to researchers, the objects were in this place before, like the construction of the pyramids. The most interesting finding scientists believe green mask Ophites. Mask has been worked out in detail so that archaeologists have suggested that it could be a portrait of a man, according to INAH.

Among the finds — 11 ceremonial clay bowls, dedicated to the god Tlaloc rain. In addition, archaeologists have found some bones of an

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Sea of time in a nonexistent world

December 12, 2011 17:56

You have the sea of time? You do not have a second! Who wrote it? Who is reading? This is — the greatest paradox, because the objective reality does not exist. I have for this is clear evidence that can understand any rational person.

Before that, I wrote two articles on the illusion of reality, but there was a question of the existence of reality as a projection of human consciousness. Here, I'll prove to you that no man, no reality, or anything else at all can not be.

The passage of

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Secrets of Lead Library

December 11, 2011 13:33

As previously reported, the archaeologists of the world froze in anticipation of a sensation. In the north, Jordan found a unique find — lead book. According to scientists, a collection of ancient manuscripts can transform the entire biblical story. To have one problem: the neighboring country — Jordan and Israel — can not divide among themselves lead library.

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Deal of the century

Why is the dispute? Between 2005 and 2007 (not known exactly) in

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Move through walls may physicists say, but not all

December 11, 2011 12:21

If you do ever tried to do this, you already know that it is impossible to pass through the wall. However subatomic particles can do this because of the effect, which is called quantum tunneling.

Now physicists say that this process can be seen on the man-made objects, although this causes a lot of doubt on the part of other scientists.

If the experiment is successful, it will mean a big jump in the design of mechanical systems that behave as quantum-mechanical objects. In 2010, scientists have taken the first step in

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Mask of Death

December 2, 2011 20:33

On the subject: Reprogram yourself way …

Seven images that help to live That's striking images, there are only 7 of them turned out — they help to see life in its only possible light. Here and now. If you bring in your life, these images, you will forget that there is neurosis and frustration. Of course, as in any business, takes practice. Start now. From this morning. I'm so alive. Why do not you try it?


People around me — my mirrors. They reflect the characteristics of my own personality,

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