Three clues from the past

December 8, 2011 15:57

Summer 1998 was the most serene and happy in life Olga Chiptsovoy. She seemed jealous of all the girls in Khabarovsk. You bet! She married a handsome and jovial SWAT officer. But what happened is what happened. Her Sergei died in Chechnya. And the world just collapsed. "As it is now live, and why?" — Thought Olga.

But she knew what had happened irreparable, even before receiving official notice. First, long after midnight, when a young woman sitting in a chair, reading a book, for no apparent reason suddenly crumbled to pieces porcelain figurine funny

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Lair of Bigfoot found in the U.S.

January 16, 2013 17:49

In the south-western U.S. state of Arizona in the forest was found the den, hidden branches of trees and grass. Presumably, this is the lair of the legendary Bigfoot or Yeti.

Photo: EPA

Researcher and expert on the study of Bigfoot Mitch Waite and his wife found out and videotaped allegedly abandoned lair of the Yeti. The small entrance to the den, leaving the ground, was found in the Tonto National Forest, in the valley of Mogollon, which stretches for 320 km south of Arizona. Presumably this is the lair of the legendary humanoid

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Who are the lunatics?

December 3, 2011 20:34

Healthy people, experiencing a moment in a dream dreams remain with fixed or, at least, do not leave the bed. Sleepwalker is continuing to sleep, leaving the bed and goes for a walk or automatically performs the work that he was dreaming. Having done his job, he returns to bed and sleeping peacefully until the morning, and waking up, can not remember anything about his nocturnal adventures.

A. Lehmann tells about an educated man, somnambulant: "One night he was caught for a translation from Italian to French, he rummaged in the lexicon, and a loss for

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The territory of misconceptions with Igor Prokopenko on REN TV. Aired 1/15/2013

January 15, 2013 20:00

There are many hypotheses, where there was a man who and what created our world and gave us life as created all living things, why do we live? All these questions are of interest, but no one can know for sure.

To find the answer, or at least something closer to the truth, the program "Territory errors" every week, travels to the most remote places of the world. Hoping to find out who we are, why we are here, who rules the world, and most importantly, who does not give us learn the

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Time Travelers: A woman with a mobile phone during the Chaplin

November 30, 2011 16:39

Belfast filmmaker George Clarke found in an old Charlie Chaplin film a scene that shows about time travel or the fact that mobile phones have appeared much earlier than is commonly believed.

The footage of the documentary film in 1928, complementing the film Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" visible woman with mobile phone in hand. To film shows how to dress in the fashion of the time a lady holding a device to your ear and talking animatedly about something. Additionally ladies and a passerby in the shot no one else, writes Daily

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The statements of the leaders of the American Indian

November 28, 2011 14:59

"Love the earth. It is not inherited from your parents to you, she lent you at your children. "

"In the first year of marriage, the couple looked at each other and thought, if they can be happy. — If not, they said goodbye and look for new spouses. If they were forced to live together in opposition, we would be so stupid as the white man. "

"Strive for wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge — is the past. Wisdom — is the future. "

"We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel

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Where does the energy for life?

November 27, 2011 13:03

How is it possible to open a constant flow of energy? How to live with passion? As always, be able to operate? As always very practical and accessible to all practices, techniques, and recommendations. Made with love! The goal was! A clear, motivating, leading goal always fills you with energy. Important: always set a goal specific, measurable, achievable, with deadlines, important to you. Fills it with emotion, for this and ask ourselves, in imagination, imagine pictures and answers to these questions. Imagine that you have reached your goal, how is it? How you feel, what you

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Flying people

November 26, 2011 19:45

"Flying people" are known from time immemorial. Tales and legends of almost all the nations of the world contain a description of the winged creatures, like a man. But only in recent times for them, so to speak, have become more closely scrutinize, wondering: what is common humanity on their home planet Earth? Before any "flying men" interested in America. In the archives of the U.S. Air Force on UFOs, there is a report by William C. Lamb of Nebraska. February 22, 1922 at 5:00 am Lamb hunted near Hyubella. Suddenly, from somewhere in the sky

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Order a dream

November 24, 2011 23:25

Dreams for a man can be a treasure-trove of the answers to the questions. Use your mind in a dream as a search engine or as an individual assistant could almost everyone. To do this, just order the desired dream … Here are some tips scientists a sleep (dreaming study at a scientific level).

1. Tune in remembering dreams We need to develop the habit of recalling a dream upon awakening. Skill remember dreams well secured with the help of such a notebook and pen to write down immediately after waking

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They say bad luck if a black cat goes way

November 24, 2011 13:55

A black cat crossing the road — not to see good luck that day. You either turn on its axis, or broke in two rod, throw debris in all directions. Can be on the right hand cross your fingers, putting the average on the index.

Black cat — one of the most sinister characters in Slavic mythology. It is directly connected with evil spirits, the witches, she wrapped a witch, etc. This theme has found the widest reflected in folk tales and literature (think at least Gogol). Accordingly, that a black cat

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