Cartoons: The Winters Tale

Moscow may appear Caucasian patrols

Moscow is more conflicts involving Caucasians. Almost every week the media reported about the latest scandal, the protagonists of which are representatives of the region. This situation has led to the fact that the representatives of some of the Caucasian community organizations even announced plans to organize a so-called "Caucasian patrols." They, on a plan initiators of this idea should enter the various members of the diaspora. They will have to keep order in public places young people — in shopping centers, in large areas — and avoid intensifying conflict. True, this idea seems somewhat doubtful. You

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The deputies of the export of U.S. children

But Americans have minions throw Duma petitions against it.

Media associated with this law by the recent act of Magnitsky, but this is a very controversial issue. And what of the Russian children bullied in American homes, not even the police denied the U.S. …

Cows ride on the carousel in the Belarusian villages

Lecture Gomonova: Who can be called Slav

Ming students will be free to travel on public transport in 2011

From December 7, "Minsktrans" canceled for school capital fare.

In the near future the city authorities will determine the age category of children who will have to carry a certificate student. Most likely, it will be students from the class of 7-8, the correspondent of TV company "Capital TV".

All we have is good and will be even better — if only the "well-wishers" does not interfere with …

Belarus on the growth of trade — the first among the CIS countries

These are the data of the National Statistics Committee. For

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In the Saratov region detected solar chariot, whose age — 3600 years

Relics — Psalm, the element of harness. Scientists claim: it is only 200 years younger than the first chariot, invented, according to research in this part of the continent. PSALM made from hipbone bull. Affects both skilled craftsmen, produce an artifact, and the ideal state in which it came to children.

Swastika was once a symbol of the solar chariot. This is confirmed by archaeological finds in the Saratov region near the village of Lower Belladonna.

— Here we find all kinds of findings, including that's specifically here — the one artifact that psalm.

Opening Nicholas historian aspirants envy

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Moscow residents are protesting against the construction of a huge mosque

On Wednesday night, residents of the metropolitan area Mitino took to the streets to complain about the upcoming construction of a mosque near their homes. At last report, the final draft of the building yet, but information on the height of the "trinadtsatietazhny House", a common number of media, is not accurate.

Slaves to the credit

The life of a loan. Banks that have robbed. And entire villages in debt bondage. How to make loans for the dead souls and hang on duty nor the innocent people? Who sells the debtors with debt? And what are those who can not pay the loan. Suicide because of a cell phone. Loans against his own life. And as stellar defaulters. Of the famous people who do not like to repay debts?

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Scientists discovered in Arctic fish natural antifreeze

The thing is that Arctic fish do not freeze in sub-zero temperatures, why and how it happens, scientists have tried to understand

Arctic water — not warm place during the year the water temperature in the Arctic is stagnating, about -1.8 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the freezing arctic fish blood -0.9 degrees Celsius. It would be logical to assume that the fish do not have to survive in these conditions, but the cause of the normal life of the fish is a natural antifreeze — specific glycoprotein.

This protein is able to detect about half a century ago,

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