Ghosts and Ghost White House

October 19, 2011 22:41

The richer the history of a place, the more likely that there zavedutsya ghosts. In the United States record for most ghosts is the White House. You can see the phantoms of the late president, and the specter of the demonic black cat, whose appearance is said to herald disaster of national importance. Perhaps the most important ghostly occupant of the White House — Abraham Lincoln, shot a terrorist in 1865. The ghost of the deceased began to see in his former residence almost immediately after death.

His first

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Strange fish caught near the collector

October 19, 2011 6:08

The media in full sensationally blow that caught piranha, but judging by the photos of the teeth is clearly not a piranha. Though certainly for our regions unusual fish. Caught fish from urban collector.

By weight pulls on the pounds. And she was there alone. The second, which was supposedly much harder, did not manage to catch, off the hook.

— This mutant lived in the reservoir, located in the Zavodsky district. How it got there — is unknown. The water there is ice and out of the tube always fall to pieces

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In Peru, a mummy found unknown humanoid creatures

November 21, 2011 15:20

Remains found in the southern province of Andahuaylillas Quispicanchieli

The mummified remains of a humanoid with elongated skull found in Peru. Anthropologists studying the skulls after, say — are not people. Is found physical evidence of the existence of aliens?

The find initially stumped, specialist anthropologists who started studying it. Discovered two bodies in the grave were only 50 inches long, but had a huge head is almost the same length!

Burial, was found by archaeologists Renato Davila Riquelme, conducting excavations for the Museum of the city of Cusco in southeastern Peru.


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Secret area / Ancestors from Space (aired on 14.10.2011)

October 14, 2011 19:52

Who inhabited the earth before there was a modern man? Where did the ancient civilization? These questions are of concern of scientists for hundreds of years. But there are no answers yet.

Scientists: Shark attacks on humans — a mysterious thing

October 14, 2011 18:51

Frequency of shark attacks on humans are still puzzling scientists.

As RIA "Date's" ichthyologist Institute of Marine Biology. AV Zhirmunsky Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Zemnukhov, nothing supernatural in the presence of sharks off the coast of Primorye not. According to the scientist, the shark "has always been here," just to have occurred in the summer of tragic events related to Cougar attacks on tourists citizens, there was no reason to pay attention to their existence.

According to the scientist, the Sea of Japan — not the ideal place for sharks,

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Atlantean history repeats

October 14, 2011 13:20

The era of the Atlantean civilization, perhaps the most mysterious period in the history of our planet. After the publication of the book respected clairvoyant Edgar Cayce "of Atlantis", the public has become more closely monitor this topic. She especially keen supporters of esoteric schools.

In 1902, during the eruption of Mont Pelee in Martinique — the main part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, destroyed all life, but life quickly revived and returned to the island. But now it was all a giant: plants, animals, insects — all became close and continued to grow

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The dictatorship of the brain

October 10, 2011 17:02

The premiere of the first film cycle — real scientific detective "Genes are against us" — gathered at the screens of every fifth Russian audience. In November, Ph.D. Pavel Lobkov continuing research project, introducing a new film about the most mysterious parts of the body — the brain.

In appearance this pink jelly would never guess that it was he — hidden in the skull ball of cells — controls us and our actions. Even the great Aristotle believed that the brain — just a kind of air

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At a conference on the Yeti in the Kuzbass American spoke of his friendship with the yeti

October 7, 2011 16:15

First met my mother — dear housewife, woman, American Robin Lynn and mighty white furry yeti. — My family moved to the house in the woods and soon I went out to the back yard, I saw an unusual creature similar to man, but covered with hair. More precisely, I saw the back yeti. Suddenly, "snow" man bent down, picked out of the grass, picked up someone. I gasped at the yeti — the chest, so it is "snow" woman, and in her hands her baby — worrying, says Robin Lynn — scientists, gathered in the

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Well, well! Polyglot parrot found

October 5, 2011 19:50

Ptah speaks two languages. Unique abilities found in Grey parrot named Mitt from the UK.

Feathered slew of scientists that was able to learn to speak in two languages — English and Urdu.

Urdu is spoken in Pakistan, this is one of the official languages of the country. He is akin to Hindi and appeared in the 14th century.

Ptah welcomes incoming shouts of "Asalamu alaykum" ("Hello") and "Bismillah" ("In the name of Allah").

Owner talented bird Ahmed Jaffer extremely proud pet. According to the man, the talent of the parrot has glorified him for the

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Ancient Chinese people: a man without shame is not human

October 5, 2011 20:20

Confucius Temple in Beijing. Photo: from the site

One of the followers of Confucius, Mencius argued that people are born with a conscience. He believed that people are born with the ability to empathize with the concept of shame, and the perception of what is right and what is not. These qualities are the seeds of kindness, loyalty, propriety and wisdom. Only animals are not born with the natural qualities of good. A man with a sense of shame will increase their morality in the face of the temptations of fame and wealth.

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