The image on the lid of the sarcophagus in Palenque

December 24, 2012 19:18

Archaeological finds during excavations in the Maya forced to argue the researchers, paleontologists and ufologists, and experts in the field of aerospace.

In the mid 20th century in the ancient Mayan city — Palenque, excavated by archaeologists. Suddenly, the researchers stumbled upon the cache in one of the pyramids. As it turned out later, was hiding in a tomb discovered the sarcophagus of one of the ruler of the tribe. In the sarcophagus were found the remains. Puck was the name of the ruler, was mummified, so they are well preserved. Measurements were

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Dr. Feelgood in the British: A woman talks to animals and even their souls

December 24, 2012 19:09

Photo: Caters News Agency

Hairdresser cats and dogs 39-year-old Mandy Carr says that can understand the thoughts and feelings of animals, even those that are long dead. And recently took up the treatment of dogs, cats and even snakes. She simply understands that pain in animals, and can talk about it to their masters. There is such a diagnosis session £ 100. And it claims to be able to receive messages even from dead animals.

Mandy first realized that he has an uncanny gift at age 20. She cut her

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The island near Phuket traces of an unknown giant creatures — people in horror

December 24, 2012 13:29

Mysterious footprints giant creatures appeared on Friday night on the island of Mai Pai (Bamboo Island, north of Phi Phi). Traces appearing in the forest, pass through the yard of a local school and lead to the sea.

Photo: The Phuket News

Mysterious footprints are extremely concerned students, parents and teachers. According to them, the traces left a huge snake. Traces represent a long strip, consisting of pairs of circles. Each circle diameter is 20 centimeters. Local experts estimate that the length of the snake, which left traces of the data, should be not

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Urban Legends: Kursk treasure dungeon

December 22, 2012 1:58

The legend of the mysterious dungeons of Kursk has long passed here by word of mouth. Local rumors of hidden treasures. Not surprisingly, hunters can be found in Liping, and Kudeyarov woods and mountains. They say underground laid ancient tunnels that built Atlantis with nuclear technology.

UFO researcher and ethnographer Nikolai Borisov said that the Kursk no natural cavities and caves. All tunnels, if they did exist, were built by man. About intervention Atlantis nothing definite can be said so far, there is a legend that the first underground tunnels builders laid Kursk fortress. They connected

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Ghosts, stealing underwear, survived the students from home

December 22, 2012 1:38

Students from the University of Iowa, to eliminate the three-story home, forced to leave accommodation due to the presence of ghosts in it, stealing young men's underwear.


The student group, consisting of five persons, rented three-story house to stay during the school year. After some time after the introduction of the young people paid attention to the strange events that occur in a rented house.

"It all started with the fact that I could not remove the cushion TV remote. Whenever I turn on the other side, such as remote device is

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In Dnepropetrovsk mysterious black dog saves lives

December 20, 2012 4:32

Just recently, he saved the life of a paralyzed old man, who went to collect firewood and fell into the pit.

In the middle of dense forests and rescue dog appeared from nowhere and half barked near the old man who was in trouble. By some miracle, the dog heard the call for help search members Historical Organization "Search-Dnepr", they are then partially paralyzed man was pulled out of the trap and brought home. A dog, who was rescued by a guardian angel named disappeared into nowhere.

— On that day, we learned

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Universe — a big illusion?

December 22, 2012 0:48

Why the world looks the way they did? As he is really like? Why it happens is what we call miracles, and why do not always work the laws of physics? Can I learn to control reality and the events that are happening around us? There is only one theory that explains it all: the so-called material world does not exist …

That was when there was nothing

On the origins of the universe thought people in ancient times. Theologians believed that it was created by the Creator for a few thousand years before Christ.

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Mysteries of Love — a documentary film

October 5, 2011 22:26

About the film: Love — it's an amazing feeling, which still does not have a decent explanation in science. Love may be surprised any man on earth, and overwhelm him with his head in a storm of extraordinary emotion.

She is unable to control the mind, it comes and goes, taking with them a sense of happiness and leaving nemterpimuyu pain and devastation. A documentary film about love, why do we choose from hundreds of people a single and overcome unimaginable difficulties to stay with him forever.

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Fiction under unclassified. Coma. Birth of Superman

October 5, 2011 22:51

As a state of clinical death and coma effect on the human brain, and whether he can then accelerate? Can the study of the state of death give scientists the answers to many of the unsolved mysteries of the main body of man? And can science then teach us to use a larger percentage of our brain? About coma and brain work in this documentary.

Eternal life. Spare parts for man 2012

December 14, 2012 22:12

Who would not want to live forever? While this is not possible, but who knows, how science comes sooner or later? In the meantime, we can only try to extend his life. Health, youth and beauty for years to come — a dream? No, it is possible now!

A documentary on the "One Day" at the beginning of each program provokes heated debate among scholars! In the studio, serious passions boil, and no wonder — because science is faced with anti-science! Doctors, athletes, priests, ecologists, biologists and many other professionals of different areas try to figure

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